Friday, May 14, 2010


Roses from Mother's Day.
A week later.
I like when they are almost spent.
I think it's their prettiest time.


Lora said...

100% agree! Love the containers =)

hate when I have to throw them out

Janet Johnson said...

Beautiful! I love the oatmeal cans. :) Perfect.

And yeah, my rose hit peak a day or two ago and is heading toward the inevitable. But it sure is nice while it lasts.

meg said...

I love to get flowers and I really love to watched them bloom and bloom and fade, but I get so sad to see them go! So I leave them for WAY too long so that I'm glad to get rid of them. It's my own personal mind game.

mmmmmmm... Steel cut oatmeal...I'd make it alot more if it didn't take sooo long cook! We have places to go and buses to catch!

Your comment on my blog (oh and I did change 'you' to 'your' - I think I'm getting dumber) made me laugh! We need to shop together (and I ain't a size 4, neither. five kids saw to that nicely) bc you always look cute! I like the old people store where you shop! Might I ask which one or two are your favs?

Christy said...

so pretty! and what cool cans you have them in.

Isaura said...

love the color of your roses! i'm glad i'm not the only one who doesn't throw out my fun metal containers.

Missy said...

You make everyday things so appealing. I promise I never looked at the last days of a rose the way you described. But now I'm clipping them from my backyard and loving them in full bloom.