Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Now, if we can just keep Roman from eating the soil.

Our little herb garden resides on our deck.
I wish I had my very own dirt, but for now, everything must go inside a pot.
(the mowing crew here is c.r.a.z.y. they run over everything. tree branches/small children)
kidding. but only sort of.
Zach and I planted the herbs during nap time.
It's fun to chat it up while gardening.
I made the little signs from popsicle sticks, paint, and a whiteout pen.
I loved my friend Missy's little garden sign and thought it was perfect.
We have 4 tomato plants and a zucchini too!
An heirloom Mr. Stripey, Patio, Big Boys, and Early Girls.
They are resigned to containers as well.
I'm crossing my fingers, because in my (short) experience tomatoes really prefer the ground.
I hope to prove myself wrong.
Signs for the vegetables are in the works.

Of course Lily got in on the action earlier when we planted flowers out front.
My kids do love to plant.
I think they developed the love because of my mom, who always makes sure
to include them in her flower gardening.
My mom plants annuals every spring. For as long as I can remember.
Her house and deck are always bursting with color.
Yay for flowers, yay for vegetables!


Lora said...

Your herb garden looks fantastic! That's a great idea using sticks to label!

I love planting, love flowers. I'm doing unconventional tomato planting also, I sure hope it works!!

Janet Johnson said...

You are so good! And doing it with Zach . . . I need to follow your example.

Good luck with the tomatoes! Our potted ones never turned out either.

Isaura said...

i looove herbs!! yours look awesome.
you have to let me know how your cilantro does because without fail my cilantro dies every it is currently doing. my basil, chives, oregano and sage are doing great though. i thought it was the houston heat that killed it, but it hasn't been too hot here and it's dying. my lavender is actually blooming here, in houston it didn't. speaking of lavender, yes!! i love mrs. meyers lavender soap. i currently use the basil scented for my linens...they smell so freesshh.

Christy said...

mmm... cilantro...

way to go! let us know how it goes!

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Oh sweet! Kev & I want to plant a basil plant! I don't know what to do with all the other plants haha!

Rapp Family said...

Fresh herbs in the grocery store are expensive!! Way to save money and a great activity too =)

Holbrook's said...

In my garden in KC my tomato plants grew to be between 6 and 10 FEET tall!!! It was amazing!! Gardening in MO is the best!! Now UT on the other hand....not so much.

SDLollypoppers said...

You inspire me, Tara. I truly wish I could do all that stuff with my daughter, but I don't even have a spot outdoors to do something like that. Still praying for a home soon.

Whit said...

This has nothing to do with your post....but...that video you posted on my blog......well, I'm still laughing.

Nicole said...

Love your edible garden and your name sticks. Cute idea!

Missy said...

Everything you do looks beautiful Tara! I love all the planters...and the idea of writing the name with chalk. You are so smart.

Unknown said...

Unknown said...