Friday, March 12, 2010

The Weekend

{Saturday morning cartoons}
This weekend we have no plans.
We haven't enjoyed a no-plan weekend in a long time.
Last weekend we went to PBR (professional bull riding), which included my husband wearing the following, HUGE belt buckle.

Isn't it awesome?
And Saturday we traveled to Kyle's tournament in Kansas.
Also...they are REGION 6 champs!
Kyle is going to be sporting a big fat ring now.
It's a level of coolness I will never know.
It's so exciting. They are headed to nationals.
And even MORE exciting is that nationals will be held in KANSAS!
Of all 50 states...this year it is in KANSAS, which means of course,
we'll be there.

{Kyle is standing in front... #10}
While we've had a few sunny and warm teaser days, this weekend's forecast is cold and rainy.
It's get stuff done kinda weather.
I am dreaming up all kinds of things I'd like to spend this weekend doing.
Clean and organize
Cook a new recipe (admire my new pots and pans)
Take pictures
Research items we need/want to purchase
Plant my flowers
Laundry (I'm not fantasizing about this one)
Find Easter baskets for the kids
Finish finding/making (??) pillows for the couch
Who knows what I'll end up getting around to, maybe just the laundry.
That's the thing about no-plans....the possibilities are endless.


Lisa said...

Have a fun no-plans weekend. I love David's look of concentration... on his Saturday morning cartoons!

Lora said...

I would LOVE to see the PBR. It makes me giddy just thinking that in just a few short months rodeo season will be here. I just love it!

What ever you decide to do have a great weekend!

Sean and Janet Eyring said...

Ok, so the first picture totally looks like David and the kids are covered up by a "Lion,Witch,Wardrobe" fur coat!

Enjoy your weekend!

Christy said...

plans are fun, but sometimes it is such a relief to have NO plans. enjoy your nice and relaxing weekend!

meg said...

Let's live next door and hang out on the weekends! I take that back, let's live next door and play when the kids are at school.

ps. that belt buckle rules.

Isaura said...

i love no plan weekends, those are the best!! and they always end up being the funnest.

Knowles Family said...

First, love the belt buckle, and I can totally see Dave sportin' it with style!
Second, Way To Go Kyle!!! I remember taking Maddox to go see Kyle and Kevin play in KC. Man, it's crazy to see him so grown up and doing so well! Tell him congrats for us! Josh would have loved to be there!