Friday, May 8, 2009

Fast Paced Livin

An entire week has passed me by. I had to convince David it was Friday this morning, he didn't believe me. It's been wonderful, busy, exhausting.
Last Sunday we arrived at my parents house just before the tour bus pulled into their cul-de-sac. The neighbors stared as 30 or so boys in baseball warm ups marched off the bus. awesome. The BYU baseball team was playing in Manhattan, KS and stopped by for lunch before they made the drive. They ate 23 pounds of meat in about 23 minutes. It was amazing.
Also in town for the games was Ashley, who graciously played "favorite auntie" with her doting nephews and niece.
I packed up my kids on Monday to see BYU play K-State. Kevin pitched an awesome inning. And, in other exciting "I think my brothers are the coolest" news, Kyle signed (after weeks of deliberation) to play basketball. I can't even BEGIN to explain how excited I am that he is going to school in Kansas...close enough to see lots of games!
The rest of the week was 1 step forward 2 steps back as I tried to tackle my "MOM" list. To illustrate, Target. My shopping list was a meager 2 items. It was more of a trial run than anything else. We made it to the checkout before we had any major "issues". Of course, the checkout line is where everyone else gets to observe your parenting skills as you fish for your money while holding a crying baby's binkie, return the mystery candy that appeared in the cart, and retrieve the 2 year old from behind a vacant register (those buttons look FUN!). I was a zone...JUST.GET.TO.THE.CAR. Five minutes later everyone was buckled in and I opened my door when a lady came running out of the store hollering for us.
"You left your bag in the store!" she said.
This story has a happy ending. If life has a point system, she earned MAJOR marks for offering to get my bag. She brought it out with a big smile, I thanked her profusely and made some joke about being crazy. She offered one bit of wisdom as she walked away,
"Don't worry, it will be YEARS before you get your brain back!"
I SO believe her.


Jill Revell said... looks like Zach and Lily are loving little Roman. So cute. Looks like you guys are having fun and definitely staying busy!

Nicole said...

i didn't know all kids are fascinated by the vacant register... i thought it was just mine. i hate checking out!!! :)

roman is adorable... lily and zach are just precious with him. you must love every moment!

Nicole said...

The pictures of your kids are adorable! I always love your stories - they make me smile! Where is your family living?

Lisa said...

So fun that Kevin's whole team 'stopped by' for lunch!

Looks like Laura had her baby- huh? What did they name him?

Maria said...

That sounds exactly like my check-out experiences! Minus the crying baby...actually, I usually turn into the crying baby because I can't handle my 2 kids! You're an amazing mom!

Whit said...

Wow, I feel like I'm reading a movie script. What an life you lead. You are an extraordinary woman!!!

Knowles Family said...

I'm amazed that you stuck to your list of only two itmes! I usually go with the intent of getting in and out, then half a cart full later...("If I just get it now, then I'll save myself another trip so I don't have to do this again for a while")...wishful thinking!!!

I wish we had gotten a chance to see Kevin play while we were in Provo. Tell Kyle congrats for us!

You have such a beautiful family...all of them! We admire and miss you all!
P.S. How is Dave doing?

Christy said...

you are so brave going out with three-- i don't even want to think about how hard it is with TWO! those pictures are darling. miss you guys!

Missy said...

I LOVE these photos are such a photographer, capturing all the moments perfectly