Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Chlorophyll is Breaking Down!!

For Family night we had a lesson on Autumn. Before we went for our walk to collect different colored leaves...I was explaining that leaves change color and fall to the ground. Zach seemed really interested in what I was saying (wasn't really planning on this..thought he'd like the "nature walk" more!) so I started racking my brains for more to say...that is when this gem popped out (see title...thanks BIO 100)! Needless to say it was slightly above his head...although he now has a new word that he likes to break out whenever talking about leaves!

Grandpa and Grandma are here! SO FUN! (in fact, it's the only reason I am blogging considering OUR computer bit the dust on Monday!...and they brought 2!)


kat and jason said...

ok...let's just say that you are the cutest best mom ever. making candied apples with a bio lesson!!!that totally beats my pic of nephi and my 1.5min speal on boats. also for the record--your apt looks adorable as always. both of your kids are super cute. lily has got the biggest cute eyes--and well zach is a little ladies man. i wish we lived by eachother.

Tiffany said...

Zach and Lilly are getting big! You are such a cute mom. Your place looks so cute! Miss you here in KC!

Court and Britt said...

What a fun FHE!! Those apples look really yummie!!

ps- I tag you, go to my blog to find out more

Hansen Family said...

How do you remember this stuff? Amazing.