Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sous-Chef at Dinnertime

Our dinner prep routine:
She opens the cabinet with pots and pans and pulls the smallest one out. Next, she takes my towel and I give her spoons. And there she sits, banging and stirring (and looking at her reflection in the pan). Happy as a lark...until she notices the camera...then she wants that!


Missy said...

My little girl does the same thing Tara! How funny. I need to get some "fun" towels like yours though. How cool is that one?

Rapp Family said...

How cute! I totally remember Jonah tearing apart my cabinets several times a day. Maybe Mia will be more dainty about it like Lily. She's a doll! If we're having a girl, we may just name her Lily. Unless my sister, who is due in January takes it first =) She loves the name too!

Tiffany said...

Hi Tara! I found your blog on Mandi and Brittany's blogs. It is so good to see you're doing well! Lily is so cute and Zach is so big! Are you enjoying Washington? Hope you're enjoying it there! Is Dave's job going well? Do you mind if I add your link to my blog? It's fun to keep up on your updates. If you have a minute, mine is or you can email me at Take care!