Monday, July 7, 2014

Just before a change

It was one of those gorgeous, leave the door open, mornings in May.  Only a few weeks before school let out for summer, and I walked around the kitchen breathing in the fresh air and realizing that this chapter in my life was about to close.  These three little loves home with me all day, our routines, our simple lunches, and the occasional errand or outing were about to be replaced with the hustle and bustle of our summer schedule.  And then come fall, Roman is off to kindergarten (!!!), leaving me and the two girlies.  I felt gratitude for my blessings, but also for the ability and time to actually see and delight in them.


Bailey Family said...

Love these pictures of everyday activities. Can't believe Roman will be going into Kindergarten!

Tish said...

Love the moments you're able to capture.