Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A girl and her birthday balloon

Poppy is two!!!
She was loved and treated right all day long. 
We woke Poppy up with a loud chorus of Happy Birthday, (the kids were so excited to surprise her).  
She was all sleepy smiles as we took her downstairs for her special birthday sprinkle donut.  
She had a lunch out at chik-fil-a (playplace being the most important criteria), 
and then we stopped by the party store to get her a balloon.
Poppy could not be parted from her balloon for at least a day.
(I did finally convince her to leave it on the nightstand while sleeping though)
Oh that sweet little bug.
We had a family party a few days later with cupcakes and singing and presents.
What I love most about Poppy at two,
 is that she will give you a run for your money if you are the one in charge of keeping an eye on her.
(you better have both eyes on her)
she is talking so much now, and it is obviously apparent that she is brimming with sweetness and love.
Strong-willed, yes.
But underneath all that fire is a heart of solid gold.
I love my Poppy.


Bailey Family said...

I also love Poppy! She is a firecracker...but so sweet. I love that she cherished that balloon so much! It is the simple things.

Naum Franpos said...

what a cute surprise!
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Christy said...

love the balloon idea! what could be more perfect for a two year old. ollie's birthday is coming up... can't believe it. too bad we can't get our little two year olds together. he's a crazy one too, so i'm sure it would be entertaining! :)

Tish said...

Oh happy birthday Poppy! It will be so lovely when she reads this some day. Good Mama Bear! xoxo