Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Poppy didn't really need the head start we gave her on our family egg hunt.  She ended up with a basket full of goodies mostly on her own...racing from egg to egg.  Like her older sister, she is excited by life.  One of my favorite things she is doing now is yelling "YAY!" whenever she senses something fun is about to happen. Waking up to easter baskets on Sunday, "YAY!"
Coming downstairs and seeing all the hard boiled eggs and dye cups 
(and trashbags covering the counters!), "YAY!"
She's a doll that little Poppy.
Ahhh, the best we could do.  After church, after the drive to my parents, and before the kids were allowed to take off their Easter Sunday best.  My expectations for snapshots have lowered considerably.  Are we all in the picture?  Perrrrrfect.


Tish said...

Ha! I love seeing when a momma figures out the new lines...new thresholds and new priorities. whittle it down to the lovelies.

Tom said...

poppy's dress is so stinking cute! you guys are pretty much the greatest family ever. i totally understand what you mean about the definition of a "good" family photo changing. we are already there.

Tom said...

ps- this is christy :)

Bailey Family said...

Happy Easter to the Painter family! I love the age that Poppy is...I think Easter egg hunting toddling around is the cutest thing.

dixonfamily said...

Perfect family picture!!What a beautiful group! And I love your girls' dresses!!

Jill Revell said...

i just love your ever so cute family! Poppy is just adorable!