Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Birthday Party for Lily

Whooo weee.  That's the first thing that comes to mind.  These were 7 of the cutest little baker's you ever did see.  They decorated their hats and then got busy in the kitchen whipping up all sorts of goodies in honor of Lily's birthday.  I wish I had a chance to grab more action shots, but let's just say that all the action was requiring all of my undivided attention.  Setting up for this party totally reminded me of setting up for science projects as an elementary school teacher.  Twenty-five 4th graders "experimenting" is really quite a sight.  Better be on your A-game if you're the one in charge.  There are a lot of details missing from these photos, but each girlie went home with a cake box full of goodies and a big smile.  It was approaching dinnertime as the last little chef was escorted to the door.  Upon closer inspection of my physical energy and my kitchen, David and I loaded our children into the car and headed for... the drive-thru.


Bailey Family said...

Wow! Happy Birthday Lily.
Looks like it was a great birthday party.

dixonfamily said...

Wow!! Happy birthday to Lily! She is so lovely!
What a sweet party!! I can only imagine how much fun those cute girls had!!! I am always in awe of the beautiful parties you throw and the amazing pictures you take of them. You deserved a dinner out for sure!

Knowles Family said...

I found myself thinking about you guys yesterday (a family in our ward is moving to San Antonio) and found myself reading through the past year of your blog today! Your family is beautiful, and the post about your parents' anniversary celebration brought me to tears! ( Please tell them congratulations for us! What amazing people!) We miss you guys and are so excited for you, your business, and your new house! Good things come to patient people!
Rachel...and Josh and the rest

Christy said...

it all looks perfect! i am always so impressed with your parties and attention to detail. i bet it makes your kids feel so loved. !

Lora said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Lily! It looks perfect. I too love all your details!!

Can I ask did you make the chef hats or buy them? We are having a little cooking party in a few weeks and I'm having the worst time trying to find them! Thanks