Monday, August 27, 2012

Time with Dad

A chore of cleaning up the garage with dad resulted in an army base made from scrap wood.  David said Roman was into the power tools and watching it come together, but he really went crazy when he got out the spray paint.  Together deciding on a camo motif, Roman watched the process exclaiming, "Ohhh ohh, I really like dat!"  Reason 967 why dad totally rules:  Mom sees a garage floor full of crap that needs to get thrown away, and Dad sees an army base for a 3 year old.  
Love that.


Isaura said...

Love!! I'm with you, garage to me= a bunch of crap needing to get thrown away ;) Such a cutie!

Lora said...

I love that too!

What a great man you've got. It seems there are NOT enough boys who look up to their dads that way-I love that you have boys who do

His face kills me-he's darling!

Christy said...

what a good daddy! and roman's little face is kiling me. what a handsome guy!

mks said...

i hope my comment doesn't seem creepy. i came across your blog while searching for advent calendars and i ended up reading for a while. i am inspired by you and love your love for motherhood, your sense of style and thrift, and the way you document life and the little things. your pics are amazing! i love that you talk about the church as well. where did you get the numbers for your advent calendar? my email is if you don't mind letting me know. thanks!