Thursday, July 19, 2012

We took photographs as she was moving from her childhood home.  Mostly we shot outside because the house was in boxes, but at the end, we ran upstairs to her room and I'm so glad we did.  Her mother died unexpectedly when she was a little girl in elementary school.  And as I walked into her room, left mostly as it was designed by her mother, I was overcome.  It was beautiful, peaceful, a cozy hug.  Love in every well thought out valance and sconce.  No detail overlooked.  I was just a photographer that day, lucky enough to witness the loving connection between two amazing women.  In a few more weeks we begin house projects at my own home.  I've been gleaning inspiration from the usual sources (magazines, blogs and pinterest).  But also, I've opened this folder many times as a reminder that creating a beautiful home with things is possible, but when done with love for the people inside, well, the effects can last forever.


Tish said...

This is beautiful Tara.

...and now I have to find you on Pinterest. You have great taste, afterall.

Christy said...

beautiful! i love the idea of having pictures taken in your own home.

Bailey Family said...

Sweet post.