Sunday, July 29, 2012

She said, "Mom look! We both have rainbow dresses!!"

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Lily is forever looking out for her little sister.
She gets Poppy out of bed (before even a whimper is uttered) and brings her to me in the morning.
She shares all her food, breaking it into tiny pieces, and sneaks her treats under the radar.
She is always dancing around the house with her little sidekick.
And in return, Poppy reserves her biggest smiles and laughs for her sister.
It brings me inexplicable joy and peace to know that these two have each other.
It is a unique, and fiercely loyal bond of sisterhood.


Tish said...

Aww...what a great sis!

Erin S said...

OH my cuteness! Allie has been such a hard baby, I swore to myself the other night I was done having kids.....but after seeing your cute girls, I kinda want Allie to have a sister now....
Your girls are so sweet!!

Christy said...

so sweet! there is nothing like a sister. i really hope sophie gets one someday! (and i hope that's sooner rather than later because heaven knows i can't do this too many more times. ;) )

Anonymous said...

Popppy looks so grown up! Nora will have a little sister in November and I can't wait to see their relationship grow. I love having a sister.

Jill Revell said...

Poppy is so precious! I love having a younger sister...these two will be the best of friends!

Isaura said...

I love sisters! Such cute girls.