Sunday, February 26, 2012


I feel compelled to purchase, obligated even, when I see a poppy.
Perhaps it's that phenomenon that happens when you're made aware of something, and you begin to see it everywhere.
There are new pillow shams, a dress for when she's two, a shirt for when she's three and napkins for (?) her first birthday?
I even bought a buddy poppy from the lady at the grocery store.
Absolutely I want to support veterans, but truth be told, it was a poppy!
I'm hoping this wears off soon, because I'm not really into heavy themes or collections.
The way I see it...
At worst: a slight compulsion.
At best: an irresistible reminder of how cherished my own little Poppy is.


Lou Lou said...

I love it!! I think I would do the same thing, only so far the only thing that I have found with any of my kid's names are some books about a Lego guy named Kai. Your little Poppy is just the cutest thing! I LOVE the girl's bedroom too! You've got great style friend!!

Team Lawter said...

Poppies....not to be confused with poopies (what I originally typed!) They are so hot right now!

Lora said...

oh man I have loved catching up on your posts!! poppy is getting so big and cuter than ever!! I love that you've bought stuff for later-how could you not all of that is DARLING!


Christy said...

darling, all of it! your girls are so lucky to have such a styling mama like you!

Isaura said...

Everything looks so perfect. Your Lilly's bed looks sooo comfy. I could take a snooze in it.