Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shatto Milk

Pretty skies and no school on Friday.
We headed to the dairy farm.
I think everyone would agree that the best part was standing around sampling milk.
Root-beer, Strawberry, Banana, Orange and of course Chocolate.
We also tasted their traditional eggnog and the pumpkin spice flavor.
yum and yum.
(8 varieties of cheese and delicious sweet butter!...amazing)
It was a delightful tour,
the kind that makes you feel really good about supporting a farm like Shatto.
The drive out was beautiful,
and I began to ramble on about how I could really live in the country.
I pictured a big garden, fruit trees and wide open spaces.
Every little town out there has three things...
a Dollar General, a Casey's Gas Station and a Sonic/Pizza Hut/Subway (insert one).
But these days with technology, it wouldn't feel so isolating.
I mean, Amazon sells everything correct? UPS delivers everywhere, right?
Then David pulled out his phone and said..."There is no internet connection."
Ummmm. I might have to think on it a little more. :)


Barbara said...

I've heard about this tour! Looks so fun! It was great seeing you guys! Your little ones(I guess some of them are BIG) are just so sweet :)

Christy said...

oh, you are making me thirsty. i'm off milk you see (see my blog) and nothing sounds better now then a cool glass of that strawberry milk they're bottling! your photos are all great, as usual. i showed tom your blog the other day and he was so impressed with your skills.

Erin S said...

How fun! Sometimes I think I would love to live out in the middle of nowhere...and then I drive 5 minutes to Costco and I'm happy.

Missy said...

Of course you guys would go visit a cow farm and drink fresh milk on your day off. Why not?! Amazing. You are amazing. This sounds incredible too - I have never done such a thing. And don't move to the middle of nowhere, I'd miss your posts way too much!

Bailey Family said...

Awesome! I plan to take my sister and nephew there next time they come to visit. Can you come be our photographer?

We need to get together soon...

A said...

That looks like SO much fun! And your kids are adorable as always.

Our move was kind of crazy. Troy just happened to hear about an auto shop teaching opening at Mt. View in Orem. He decided to apply not really thinking he would get it. They did the interview over skype on a tuesday and offered him the job on thursday and we had 9 days from that day to pack and move. His first day of work was Halloween. It was really crazy! He has wanted to teach auto since he graduated so he was pretty excited. His parents were pretty excited too :) We are living with them until the end of the school year so Grace doesn't have to change schools AGAIN. And we are hoping our house sells SOON!

It is actually a Durango. We love it. Probably the only complaint we have in the storage when all seats are up which is how is has to be now that we have 4 kids. We can only fit our double stroller when all seats are up. BUT we can fit 3 car seats across the middle row and have only 1 seat up in the back if we really need extra cargo space. The surburbans have a lot more room in the back when all seats are up. Hope that helps.

I love keeping up with your family through your blog and your photos are always amazing. You inspire me :) You'll have to let us know if you are ever planning to be in Utah.

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