Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!


Happy Halloween!
The Super Heroes
A Princess
And the Sweetest Little Strawberry

The Little Strawberry has a secret...SHE SMILES!


Christy said...

oh! that strawberry! cutest little baby, smile, and costume. melts my heart.

it's so fun to see the costumes. i think lincoln and roman have the same one! we cracked up so bad at lincoln in his. happy halloween!

Barbara said...

You do have the sweetest little strawberry!! And that smile! Oh MY! Adorable :)

Caryn said...

Oh that precious little smiling strawberry! They all look so great and happy!

Lora said...

Happy halloween! What cuties! That smile is definitely heart melting. Looks like things are going well!!

Isaura said...

i love your little berry!! so sweet. your other ghouls are precious too.

dixonfamily said...

That Poppy is just asking to be smooched!! She is so adorable!! She just fits right in with the rest of the family. Happy Halloween!
And can I say that I am so impressed with how well you keep up with the blog. I am 6 months behind and not sure if I'll ever catch up, and I haven't just had a baby. :)

McAtee Family said...

I love all o the pictures but the little strawberries secret is the best part of that post. She is adorable!!!

Jill Revell said...

love that little smile! darling!

Tish said...

I showed my best friend from high school the pics and she just had a moment... So cool seeing a Painter crew...SO cute

celeste said...