Tuesday, October 11, 2011

If it weren't for my husband, I'd be a Luddite

Fortunately, he keeps me current.
And although I miss the simpleness of my old phone,
I find myself taking a lot more pictures with the new one.
Two cute boys at dinner.
JoAnn dollar crafts on the porch
Zachary was recognized for his good character at school (his certificate said he helped a classmate tie his shoe and then offered to teach him how to tie it himself:) They had all the children in the district who won for the month march out onto the field during a high school football game to be recognized.
First night home from the hospital.
I was feeling totally bummed that I still looked 6 months pregnant.
I came out of the bathroom and said the same thing to David.
He ignored my whining and pulled me close
saying he "loved the ruffle placement" on my new pjs.
He's a keeper.
Look who found her thumb.
Milk Coma.
Two sillies playing with promotional stickers from the mail.
Lovely little face.
Uh...picture of a braid for my sister, but look! I did my hair!
Lily's rainbow unicorn she drew at Five Guys.
She wanted it posted on their board.
Sweet Roman.
He says, "I kiss the baby" and this is what he does...
kisses her head and then presses his cheek to her.
Every time.
Melts my heart.


A said...

Way to go Zach! Very impressive :) Seems as though our houses are similar right now with the milk comas and the playing with stickers and even the photo from the bathroom (although I didn't take a picture). Oh and I have to say you are especially beautiful in the picture showing off your braid.

Tish said...

Poppy ♥ !!!

Tish said...

PS I totally had to look up Luddite lol

Bailey Family said...

Welcome to the technological age! Taking pictures with your phone is handy...but mine is slow and they never quite catch the moment.

Thanks for sharing.

It is not really fair that even your cell pics look good...

Caryn said...

I have my husband to thank for that too. We'd be in a world of hurt if he didn't keep me up to date on EVERYTHING. Marriage is so awesome!

Missy said...

I am impressed at you putting up a post with a newborn. That alone is worthy of an applaud, but THANK YOU to David for getting you on the camera phone wagon because these are priceless.

Lily's unicorn is too!

Tish said...

Email me lady bug and I'll send you some recommendations :)

my word verification for this was "marry" ♥

Tiffany Grady said...

Tara, you always look great. Always! And those pics of roman "kissing the baby" are seriously precious. And the thumb sucking makes me melt, she is adorable.

Christy said...

I love it! What a fun peak into your life. I can definitely relate to feeling six months pregnant still. I tried putting on a pair of my "big" pants the other day and let's just say it was a mistake. ;)