Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lily is 5!


Lily's 5th Birthday was celebrated!
It was low key, all things considered, but cupcakes are one detail that is always attended to.
Lily told everyone she wanted Hello Kitty (stuff) and that is surely what she got!
Which reminds me, I would LOVE to find the family picture taken when I was just about her age (ok, maybe older).
My parents actually let me hold up my stuffed Hello Kitty in the family photo!
Not a family snapshot, but a studio portrait. HA!
So I guess I am saying, I understand the obsession.
Miss Lily is 100% awesomeness, and I feel like I have won the lottery having her home with me for another blessed year.
Happy FIVE Lily!


Jamie and Kiley said...

I love all the Hello Kitty stuff! Looks like it was a fun birthday!

Missy said...

Love the Hello Kitty "stuff" and I too want to see the family photo of you with your stuffed kitty! Sounds like you had parents that knew what kind of battles were worth it and not...

You still amaze me being half a second away from labor and throwing a party like this.

And Tara, I know I have said this before but I look up to you as a mother more than you know. SO glad she is home with you for another year.

Christy said...

i love the hello kitty obsession and the shots with you. you look so pretty! happy birthday, lily! i swear you just posted about her 4th birthday. where is the time going?

ps- i've been checking your blog A LOT and wondering if you'd had the baby yet. glad to see you're still hanging in there. :)

Lori Garcia said...

Cute pictures. Love the sweet ones with Lilly and Momma.

Janet Johnson said...

What a cutie! And has anyone ever told you that she looks just like you? :D

Caryn said...

She is such a snazzy little lady. I love the pictures of the two of you! I never noticed how much you two look totally alike! She is going to be such an awesome sister to have. We are thinking of you -- with all these new unknowns on their way with your baby girl. Best!

kat and jason said...

yeah!!! and i love that she got the hello kitty scooter...ash has that too :) good luck these last few weeks being prego. hang in there mamma-you are awesome!!!

meg said...

I take one summer of blogging and reading blogs (seriously, there were many a time I'd a rather) and I miss a whole pregnancy! I'm a terrible friend! I'm so excited for you! (keep those legs crossed for a few more weeks!) and I'm excited for little Lilly - whose not so little anymore - and the boys too. There's nothing like a new little one. Nothing. I'd so bring you a casserole, for the kids, and a plate of carton of ice cream for you if I lived anywhere near close. Good luck!

Lora said...

Happy Birthday Lily! Her facial expressions are so cute! She just has a sweet face!

I too have been checking a lot to make sure I'm not missing any exciting news!! xo

Holbrook's said...

Tien is soooo on that boat...Happy Birthday Lily!

The Presutti's said...

New follower! Your daughter and your are gorgeous! Such wonderful pictures! Glad she had a happy birthday!