Thursday, July 7, 2011

Boom Boom - July 4th (extended) weekend

Whirlyball with the family.
It's like lacrosse played in bumper cars.
Pregnant ladies (me) had to sit this one out...but it sure looked like fun.
get set. Laura and Zach.
go! David and Kyle!
go! mini-racer Zach (racing all by himself)
We cheered every time he passed...
there were 12 adults cheering and we were loud,
he thought it was great.
My contribution to one of many BBQs,
patriotic strawberries.
A rousing game of football played by six handsome men...
which included a controversial penalty flag (wet underwear)
that was thrown as often as possible.
Luckily, this game ended in a tie.
I'm noticing a theme...our family enjoys a healthy competition.
Ashley, Anna and Mama...posing for sparkly pictures.
Sparkler photographs were a hit this year.
I think I have at least 40!
And true to Sloan tradition we loaded up on fireworks for the 4th.
It really was a brilliant weekend.
Every one of my siblings (and their significant others) were in town.
That won't happen again for a while, so we went all out.
Swimming, eating, playing, hot-tub-ing, more eating, and 1am bedtimes.
It's taken us days to recover from the fun.
My kids have napped all week (that never happens).
But it was worth it, worth it, worth it.
I love these people.


Whit said...

It wouldn't be summer without those 1am bedtimes every once and a while huh? I'm finding that's becoming more of a regular bedtime for me now that the boy is home..whoops..I'm sure you can remember. Love your sparkler pictures!!! Those are a blast.

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Awww love this post :) I haven't even uploaded any pics from this past weekend on my computer...I have TONS! If you don't mind can you send over a few of the sparkler pictures to And I may have to save a few of the pictures you posted here...and post a few...(I'll source you haha). GLAD we could hangout! It was SO much fun! Your kids are so cute...:)

Tish said...

two thumbs up mama painter!

Brandon and Natalie said...

The strawberries look wonderful - I think I'll snatch up that idea for next year!!! I love the sparkler pictures, so fun!

Christy said...

ummm, best sparkler shots EVER! i am truly impressed, tara, both with your photog skills and the sparkler people's timing skills. i love the 4th. how neat that your family could all be there!

Isaura said...

fuuun!! awesome fireworks shots. we had a complete fire ban this year in our county, so we couldn't do much. i love when we get all our family together. the sad part is that it only happens once in a blue moon :(

Bailey Family said...

Happy 4th of July. Some of my best memories of the 4th include your family! Looks like you all had soo much fun!

Missy said...

HOW do you do the strawberries? I love those!