Monday, June 20, 2011

I guess you could say we've spent the last two weekends celebrating awesomeness.
(which is a nice way of saying that the last two weeks were full of boring busyness)
David and I went out for a BBQ date.
As in, we wait in line, outside, for 50 minutes to eat BBQ at a sketchy gas station.
And so do a million other people who brave the humidity because's that good.
I thought about that meal all week.
So I attempted my own pulled-pork.
It's a keeper.
But what elevates it to awesome is that you can purchase
amazing BBQ sauce at any local store around here.
(gas stations included)
I love you Kansas City.
This picture is sorta self-explanatory,
except to say that we often forget how great it is to live so close.
Our children had never been to the Liberty Jail.
So we took some time to rectify that situation.
They loved it.
And so did we.
Which brings us to Father's Day weekend.
In which we celebrated the awesome dad in our home all weekend.
We walked around Cabela's (while he shopped in peace),
We enjoyed burgers for dinner twice (in his honor)
We made cards and breakfast in bed (remembering of course, the mango)
We baked up his very favorite fruit pizza (and actually let him have the first bite)
all to say...we think he's the most awesome thing in our lives.


Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Oh wow I CANNOT believe you waited in line to eat at a gas station?!?!? That is hilarious, but hey I'm sure it was good... :) Kansas City and their BBQ haha.

And the kids are looking cute as always :)


Janet Johnson said...

Oh man, you're making me miss Oklahoma Joes! But next year . . .

I'll have to try that recipe. . . . though, of course, I can't get the good stuff at any old gas station here. :)

And as always, wonderful pictures!

Bailey Family said...

Sounds Awesome!
Do not let Ben know that you made fruit pizza...he will be jealous he did not get any and I will be in trouble because I did not make him any for Father's Day!

Shannon said...

I love the pictures of David in bed.... i wonder if being a zombie in the morning is a Smyers trait? Sounds like you guys had a great couple of weekends! Just fathers day there will be 4 kiddos in that picture!!

Tish said...

Oh how funny! When I first landed in KC last Friday the FIRST thing we did was run for Okie Joe's :) I's a fav...although, they did change the fries up which bothered me terribly.

I am from Liberty so of COURSE my mom took us to that jail when we first moved there. I remember I had just gotten my first pair of contacts. Random connection, I know.

Tiffany said...

Oh are killing me with the Oklahoma joes!! My mouth is watering. :). Sounds like a great weekend! And great photos to show for it.

Holbrook's said...

I would kill for a Z-Man sandwich right about now...

Missy said...

I really love how awake and vibrant your kids are climbing all over Dave. Oh Tara, I love your blog.