Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I've never laughed harder...

On Saturday Lily had her first experience with a gymnastics invitational.
Their coaches told them that if they did really good, they would get a medal.
And honestly, the medal ceremony was the best part of the whole thing.
This first picture is Lily, on the podium with her first medal.
She was only expecting one.
Lily ended up placing in each event (bars, beam, floor and vault),
and so the progression of photos from the ceremony is a riot.
Now she's won two. You can tell she's pretty pumped about them.
And well, it just kept going.
Four medals!
Spectators began to chuckle at her reaction each time.
I don't know where she gets it (not from me!)
but she's not shy in front of a crowd.
Somewhere along the way, it went to her head....
quite literally went to her head.
She began to throw her face into the sky when it was time for the salute.
I was dying.
And so was David, my parents and my sister Anna.
We were cry/laughing, wiping tears from our eyes,
it was so hilarious to see her like that.
And then, she ended up with the coveted all around trophy.
She won 1st place all around in her division.
There was more jumping and head flinging.
She's looking a little tired (it was a 4 hour event!),
but pleased.
Oh Lily.
She is a ball of energy and confidence.
With a healthy dose of independence (help me).
Perhaps the next lesson...humility.


Zach 'n' Jack said...

Amazing!!!!!!!!!! go lily!!! I love that girl and all her spunk! Miss you Tara :)

Lora said...

Oh my goodness, Tara!

I am laughing so hard!!

what priceless photos capturing such a great moment!!

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

HAHAHAHA I love this! Kevin told me about it...totally her thing to win it all! So amazing! Too bad we weren't there to see this! Tell her Ashley says she is so proud of her!

Ashley Sloan

Nicole said...

The third picture is by far, my favorite. What a champion!

By the way --- I'm in your old classroom next year! I can already tell it's going to be a great year! :)

A said...

Too cute! I laughed out loud when I got to the 4th picture :) then I had T come read and he chuckled a little too :) She is so stinkin' cute!

Jamie and Kiley said...

That is hilarious! Love the picture progression. What a way to capture the moment. Way to go Lily!

Tish said...

lol LOVE girls with flare. She definitely has flare. Keeps life interesting, don't ya think?

Nicole said...

oh my gosh, that is the best thing ever! first off, she's precious!!! second, YOU GO GIRL! i love her excitement and the progression of pictures. cute little thing!!! :)

Seth Sherwood said...
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dixonfamily said...

I LOVE IT!! Way to go Lily!!
The pictures tell the story perfectly. I doubt even an Olympic medal ceremony could inspire a better reaction. She is just adorable!

Anonymous said...

I am dying right now! That child is something else!! And good for you Mama to get it all captured on film! It wouldn't have been the same to tell the story without the photos.

Lisa said...

She is so cute! I love the picture with her nose to the sky! (And how fun is it to see them 'compete' at something they love and succeed?!)

Erin S said...

Haha!! Too funny! How awesome that she got first! Way to go Lily!

Bailey Family said...

Awesome. Personality is a gift from God.

Tiffany said...

That is the cutest thing ever! Good job Lily!!!

Christy said...

oh my word, you have got to be KIDDING me. although i know you're not because really, you couldn't plan for faces/pictures like that if you tried!!!! oh my gosh i am just in love with lily's personality. so so funny. HA!

kat and jason said...

oh tara. that is so funny. that picture with her head up is hilarious. she is a ball of drama. that brings back memories when i competed in all the events too. i love it and can't wait till ellie does it.

Isaura said...

wow! this is awesome. she's a classic :) i lovvvvvvvvve the one with her face to the sky. such a sweet girl.

Tiff and Dave said...

Seriously Hilarious!! She is such a cutie, and looks to be quite the gymnast! So fun!!

Court and Britt said...

hahahaha, that is SOOOO FUNNY!!! What a cute girl!! I say let her have all the confidence in the world now because then when she is older it will help her to stay confident :)

The Gerharts said...

Great job capturing the medal progression, Tara! These made me LOL!

Angela Muir said...

oh my gosh. so cute.