Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

(the remains of our St. Patrick's Day cake, but a festive stand-in for a picture-less post)

I have a lot of updating to do here in this little online journal.
BIG things, but one at a time I suppose.
I turned 30!
I feel great. And not sad, weird or old.
(I tease my husband because he did not like turning 30)
It's a milestone sure, one that I am more than happy to make.
I celebrated with my family on Sunday,
and went on a hot date with my husband yesterday (my actual birthday).
We ate fish (thankyouverymuch) and then he took me shopping.
When I got home I discovered my mom had folded the mountain of laundry
that was piling up in my home.
And that right there could have been the best birthday gift ever.
Wait, I lie.
I received two emails from my parents,
both expressing their feelings and memories of the day I was born.
March 21, 1981.
30 years ago.
Time flies.


Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Tara!!!!!! Welcome to the club. :) Glad it was an easy transition for you. One of these days when the wind stops, let's meet at the park again.

Nicole said...

30 isn't so bad, is it? :)

I LOVE your gift from your parents. Amazing. There is a spot in Nora's baby book for Mitch and I to write her a letter. I plan to do it on her 1st birthday. Such a neat thing.

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Happy Belated Birthdayyyy! I was going to tell you that on your real day but I forgot...I was on campus from 8-10pm sorry!!!!!! Glad it was great! Hope u got a few good things shopping! :) Miss u!

Whit said...

Folding laundry is a birthday gift? You must be turning 30!! haha, I'm teasing. I'm glad you had a good day, you deserve it!!!!

Tish said...

Happy Birthday Tara :) Love the cake :)

dixonfamily said...

Happy 30th Birthday!!! I am so glad it was a good day. Folded laundry, a hot date, and sweet letters sound wonderful! I hope 30 is a great year for you!!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Tara! I was totally thinking about you. Glad you had a great one.

Erin S said...

Happy Birthday!

Lauri said...

Happy Birthday Tara! is that 5 layers on that St. Patty's cake???? wow!

Isaura said...

happy birthday!!!! such a pretty cake, but you're not supposed to make your own birthday cake! ;)
i love when mom and dad are around. those things on the "to do" list get magically done. what a sweet gift for you.

Jamie and Kiley said...

Hope you had a great birthday! Love the cake and the different shades of green. So much fun!

Christy said...

happy birthday, friend! the cake looks yummy, and you make 30 look good. :) i'll be joining you in september-- i can hardly believe it.

(ps- how funny that dave had a harder time with it then you did.)

Missy said...

I turn 30 this year too. I'm nervous. But, you make it not so bad Tara. xo.