Thursday, October 14, 2010

young love.


Photographs of my beautiful friend Tiffany and her sweet Ryder.
(two weeks! she looks amazing and I am speechless!)

It's quite wonderful this life cycle we are apart of.
Tomorrow morning I am going on my first field trip where my role is parent volunteer.
I've been on lots of field trips...
as a student
as a student teacher
as a teacher
and now here I am, the parent.
For the first time I get to skip the bus and take my own car.
Finally, I have arrived.


Erin S said...

What a beautiful baby....and momma! I wish you lived closer so you could take pictures of my kids. Looking at those may have made me a tad baby hungry...
I just went on a field trip with Carter, but I had to ride the bus! I so did not enjoy it. (The bus ride that is.)

Isaura said...

new babies give me baby fever. such a sweet little one and your friend does look awesome!! field trips, like a rite of passage in education americana. i loooved field trips growing up. hope you had a fun time, at least you didn't have to ride the bus :)

Christy said...

What a sweet little guy! The photos are perfection, as always.

Unknown said...

Simple & gorgeous

Barbara said...

What a tiny guy! And so alert with those bright eyes! You did a great job on these:) I may have to call you in a few months;)

Lora said...

=) that yawn picture is my favorite!

I love the bright green against that soft baby skin!

Enjoy the field trip!

Jill Revell said...

amazing pictures! what a cute baby! tara, you have a gift!

Tiffany said...

Thanks again Tara!!! I love how they turned out. You're such a sweetheart!!!

Nicole said...

Precious pictures, Tara!

Hope you had fun on your field trip as a parent...I have a feeling it's a little more enjoyable as a mommy!

Rapp Family said...

So Beautiful!! I'm thrilled to catch a glimpse of this cute guy. Great pictures. Glad you got to enjoy a field trip. I did too, and look forward to many more. Come see us soon!

Angela Muir said...

OF course you did tiffany's photos. i saw them on facebook and put it on my list to do to ask her who did them so i could have the same photographer do mine. seriously your the best around. :) we need to talk.