Thursday, August 26, 2010

A penny saved...

I've experimented with many many different ways to conserve money.
Makes me chuckle to think about all the things I have tried.
Mostly though, I'm encouraged by the valuable deals.
Yet the fact is, no one really cares. I'm sure my husband appreciates it, but I have a hunch he is feigning interest when I display my loot on the island and declare, "LOOK! Look what I got for $2.34!"

And so it goes with the laundry soap.
I've been making my own for almost a year.
It works, is amazingly economical, is not a difficult process, and I've upgraded the look from a 5 gallon Lowes bucket to pretty glass bottles. (recycled $1.50 Heinz vinegar bottles)
Oh, I have a feeling that picture of soap will send me down memory lane in about 30 years.
Ahhhh yes, those days of business start up, making soap and clipping coupons.

And speaking of memory lane, I hope this is one I will never forget.
Last week I hopped into bed next to Lily after she was asleep.
I kept staring at her sweet little pigtail,
thinking about what an amazing perk it is to be able to
crawl into bed for a nap on a sunny afternoon next to my little 3 year old.
If I have to make soap the rest of my be it.


Lora said...

I love it. The glass bottles alone make it a marketable product in my eyes, PLUS the idea of doing anything "from scratch" makes me perk up a little.

I would love your recipe!

Times can get tough but I really believe it's all worth it!
Thanks for the reminder!

Isaura said...

WOW, your own laundry soap???? Now THAT, my friend, is impressive.
Do you add any kind of scent to it??
I have this weird thing that if my clothes don't smell clean, then I think they're not. Weird, I know.
Way to be frugal. Slap a cute label on those, head to a farmer's market, and I bet you've got a hit :)

Isaura said...

p.s. i too would make soap forever to be able to slip into bed with a cute little gal like yours. you are a lucky woman!

Jamie and Kiley said...

You amaze me the more I get to know you! I love how you capture so much in each photo you take.

Lauri said...

you make me covet your homemade laundry soap! it's so beautiful in those recycled bottles. my ugly green Gain bottle just doesn't compare.

Erin S said...

Wow, I didn't know it was possible to make your own! Do share!

Isaura said...

tara- i think the movie is not too sad for little kids. it actually has a happy ending. when i said reminiscent of up i was thinking "boy flys away on a big cluster of balloons"
you can actually buy it for less then you can rent it. i think it is $3. it is worth the $3 :)

Barbara said...

Love it:) the glass bottles are perfect! I didnt realize ur making liquid and solid soap. I tried to make some...I think I should try ur recipe:)

Christy said...

how great that you make your own laundry soap. pass along the recipe, girl! what a good idea to use those bottles for storage. so pretty.

Jill Revell said...

say what? you make your own soap? i have to know how!!

Unknown said...

Nice idea and what a luxury your right to lounge with your kiddos in the afternoon.


Missy said...

tell me you will post this recipe tara. making beauty from the mundane of course, your specialty.

Rapp Family said...

You're an amazing woman, with a very rare quality....self control and frugality. You inspire me!

Lori Garcia said...

I've considered making my own. What recipe do you use? What do you use to pre-treat? My boys are so prone to stains!