Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stream of consciousness...

I'm nervous that my sister Anna is going to be disappointed with this post. I doubt this is what she had in mind when she pulled up the blog on her phone tonight and told me she needed something new to read :)

I've started with the back to school dreams. Except this time it's not me who is standing naked in the halls. I've morphed into the mother role. (of course) And in my last dream, I realized school was starting the following day and I had not bought Zachary his school supplies, and I didn't know what his bus number or who his teacher was. Those are horrible dreams. It's such a miserable feeling.

This blog has officially been kept for 3 years. And while it is certainly not a comprehensive record of my thoughts or our family's something. And it really, really makes me smile.

I won! Or at least that is the feeling I have about my latest craigslist-ing adventures. I saw the iron and wood table and thought the lines looked similar to THIS one. Plus it was $965 cheaper. And that mirror was an old wooden mirror (with cat claw scratches) that I scooped up and decided to gold leaf. fun times. It's not a great picture because (1) the can't tell how long the table really is, and you can't really see the mirror (2) we don't actually have an entry it is a bit out of place here in our rental (3) it's not styled yet. But that's the fun part for me. I'm sure I'll spend the next few months trying to figure out exactly what I want.

But you know what I really want? I want to jump off a cliff. No I'm serious. I sort of want to do something crazy and wild and fun again. With David. We used to jump off cliffs or what about that time we pulled the rip cord ride and dropped 190 fall, or swam in those caves in Maui or hiked that tiny trail on the edge of a mountain in Colorado. And because we knew each other when we were teenagers, the list of stupid/ridiculous activities we participated in (or snuck around to do) is long. And laughable. Like..."Hey, remember that time when we were making out in the creek and...". Yeah. Stuff like that. I'm not sure what spurred this on. Maybe I've bought one too many boxes of diapers lately, or maybe it was the roller coasters at the amusement park last weekend. I guess I need to shake it up a bit.


Erin S said...

Oh my Tara! You are hilarious! I haven't had any nightmares about kindergarten yet, but I'm sure they will start soon.....

Isaura said...

what a great blog to read when i can't go to bed at night! i was uploading some pictures on my not ultra fast desk top and am browsing blogs. what a find on craigslist! you sure do have a way of getting good deals. i don't even try to get on there anymore and find things. i've never had luck. or maybe i just don't look enough. ok we are on the save wavelength. i have been obsessing lately (i can be ocd sometimes...ok, a lot of times) on RH's french leather wingback chairs that are currently on sale for $999....each.(or something like that)
I need two.
I was trying to tell marc that it is a good deal because they were once around 1800 dollars each.
he's not having it.
It's like a 2 for 1, right!?!
he said if i want to save the money and get them, then go for it, but he won't pay...grrrrr.
i'm trying to replace a couch we got when we were first married that i'm just not digging anymore and haven't been for a while.
why can't he just see it my way?? ;)
ahhh, and your baby starting school??? wear waterproof mascara to the bus stop...all i'm saying

Janet Johnson said...

You are so talented. I need a little bit of your vision. When I see an old table, that's all I see . . . not the possibilities.

And I hear you on the wild thing. I'm so impressed with all the crazy things you've already done. Good luck finding the perfect craziness. :)

Nicole said...

HA! your blog always makes me smile. i hope you get to do something adventuresome! be sure to post about what you do!!! :)

Christy said...

great post friend! i love to picture you and dave cliff jumping and/or making out in the creek... okay maybe not that one. (ah ha.) an adventure sounds great about now to me too!

congrats on the three years of blogging. your blog is one of my faves. like, i actually told my sister in law that she should read it even though she doesn't know you. :) (hope that's okay!)

Lora said...

I love your blog!!

Tara if only I had your eye for fabulous finds. I find myself thinking about what your next treasure will be, you're like a really great pirate =)

Sorry about your kidergarten nightmares =) what a great mother you are so worried about zach!

I can't wait to hear what your exciting adventure is, I think you should go bridge jumping! if you wait for us to come visit we'll go right along side you!

meg said...

Tara - again - we need to be next door neighbors!

The kindergarten thing is hard. I cry every year they go back to school. It about drove me crazy when my first went and I didn't know what she was doing all day. Take your vitamins. Good luck!

I love your find! I sometimes feel guilty for how much I think about home decor, but I figure, that's my hobby and I really enjoy it! And nothing beats a great find! I'm making plans to go to the Round Top flea market and I'm wondering if I'm not torturing myself. Hope not...

Bailey Family said...

Changing it up at the Painter's house. I was with you when you bought the black cabinet that was in the you have moved on to a new style and I love it.

Call Ben and I when you do something crazy...we need to shake it up around here also!

Tiffany said...

I love the table and mirror! Craigslist can be great, but it can be addicting... :) I love reading your blog and looking at your pictures. To blog regularly for 3 years is quite an accomplishment! Good luck with Zach starting school. I'm sure I'll be calling you for some pointers in a few years. :)

McAtee Family said...

Good Luck with the first day of school, the first week of school and everyday after. It is so hard to send your first off into the unknown - knowing that the unknown can be happiness or sadness. Scary stuff for a momma!!

I think it is the time of year - when we were little we always were busy this time of the summer trying to squeeze in the last minute exciting things and now that we are moms, we spend this time squeezing in last minute dr. check-ups, supply buying and other non-exciting things. What I wouldn't give to go make-out in a creek with my hubby :)

Lauri said...

ah, this is what is so infectious about your blog . . . it is more like a journal. you let us into your heart and your thoughts, and I love it!

Missy said...

Everyone wants to be your neighbor. Or best friend. Either way, I want to be that too! You + your blog is one of my favorite, hands down.

And your style continually amazes me. Wish I had your brain.