Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little Brother!!!

Kyle is graduating...and I took his pictures! Sure he is tall, and handsome, a good uncle, studly and athletic...but don't let all those serious faces fool you.

LOVE YOU KYLE!! You are officially the last Sloan through Park Hill...you made it!


Bailey Family said...

He is huge! I love that boy. I cannot believe that I have known him most of his life...15 years! His pictures are great...good job!!

Lisa said...

I cannot believe that 'little' Kyle is graduating! That makes me feel old!

Tiff and Dave said...

Wow, is that really Kyle? I just remember this cute little guy who was probably a deacon when I was there. Wow how time flies! Awesome job on the photography! You are a natural!!!

Isaura said...

what a cute guy. congrats on the graduation!

Loni Stevens said...

Is that really your little brother? Wow. He's a grown up now.

These shots are incredible, Tara. You have a serious talent. Great eye.

emily and adrian said...

You are so talented! What a good looking family...every single person in it! I can't believe he is already graduated. CRAZY!!!
thanks for your sweet comment. Let me tell you, it's FAR from a dream home. We call it the "love shack." But we will make fun memories here.
Your blog is the best eye caqndy...I could look at your photos all day!