Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunny San Diego

What a weekend! A much needed break filled with lots o' laughs!! Just a peek at some of the fun things we did!We saw Rascal Flatts from the 10th row! Being from Missouri I was skeptical that there could really be rednecks in California...but alas there are beer drinking, tight jean wearin, ready for a fight people EVERYWHERE!
(amy should spilled his beer on her!)

We saw the San Diego temple (my first time...BEAUTIFUL)

La Jolla
...we asked this lady to take our pic and she said, "Oh, I can't but let me get my son, he's from Hollywood...he can do it!" (WHAT?) umm thanks dude!

We visited the Hotel Del CoronadoWe had a great dinner (mom, it was mahi mahi) on the ocean YUM!

then we took a CRAZY bike taxi ride back courtesy of Dexter our new friend

I almost felt like I was in college again! :) I loved the weather, the beach and the funny/serious talks...the time away was wonderful but coming home to the 3 sweetest faces in the WORLD... divine!


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Court and Britt said...

Tara how fun!! I bet you guys had a blast. How did David hold up at home while you were gone?

Greg said...
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