Wednesday, October 10, 2012

For the Record:

#1.  I did not fail my son in the "football homecoming poster-why do parents do this to themselves- mania" this year.  I had a banner made (a month ahead of time even). Boo yah!  May I just say that this accomplishment is right up there with passing Calculus?

#2.  I now completely understand why flooring companies wanted to charge 5 semesters of college tuition to do our floor project.  It was nutso.  A wildly disruptive DIY to tackle with four small children.  But. BUT!  The last coat of polyurethane is drying as I type, and I am in. love. with. the. floor.  Some day soon we can bring our refrigerator back inside and I won't have to walk out into the garage to get my milk and eggs.  It's the little things.

#3.  My buddy.  We've been passing lots of time together.  Books.  Legos.  Cars.  We are really good at phone pictures.  Here is our best "BORED" look (we didn't have to try hard)

And also, "WEIRDO GUY"  (always his idea :)
#4.  The kindergarten field trip.  Again to pumpkin patch.  My sweet sweet girl wanted to hold my hand the whole time.  She didn't talk in any decibel lower than a shout, and she was excited about everything.
I love her enthusiasm.  


Christy said...

that poster is pretty awesome. i still remember the one from last year. :) aren't blogs great that i remember all these things about your little family? also, i'm in love with lily's little outfit. i would never think to put it together like so (no fashion sense here), but she looks so darling.

Unknown said...

I have been "offline" for a while but I am back now so I am a little behind but I wanted you to know that I feel your pain about your fridge being in the garage. Ours was there for over a month and it is amazing how difficult it makes EVERYTHING!!

Bailey Family said...

I can't wait to walk on the floors! Yeah! So exciting.
Construction projects are intense...but worth it in the end!
Lily looks so big...can't believe she is in Kindergarten. Yeah!

Isaura said...

Such sweet children. You are a blessed girl! I love that you have so much fun with your babies.