Sunday, July 1, 2012

What a whirlwind.
This summer for sure, but probably my life in general.
This is what ideal days are made of right now.
Clothes: optional, obligations: minimal, play: magical.
I have to fight for those kinds of days.
I actually have to plan for them.
Say no to things.  Good things.

An internal wrestle wherein I weigh my options...
20 minutes while the children are occupied.
clean bathroom, and fold laundry
on my bed (hopefully undetected) with instagram or my camera.

And then at night, when I am putting that basket of laundry I was supposed to fold, 
back on the floor, 
or I turn off the light in the kids bathroom because 
I can't stand to look at the smudgy mirror and toothpasted sink one more minute...
I try to remind myself that these photos, these memories, are my consolation. 


Anonymous said...

My mom has told me her mom always told her to not worry about an unclean or imperfect house when kids are little because one day you'll turn around and they'll be grown and you won't have a mess to clean up. So true. I try to remember that advice when I'm stressing over dirty bathrooms, dusty coffee tables, or overgrown bushes. You do a great job reminding me what the focus should be on!

Tish said...

beautiful perspective ♥

Maria said...

Oh Tara I could have written this post. I dont even recognize my house right now, and I can't imagine what it will be like with a newborn in a couple of months. But we are having a magical summer and that's all that matters! You are an amazing mom and I know as bad as you think your bathroom may be, it's probably not that bad :)