Thursday, February 9, 2012

Two weeks have transpired...

This blog has never been a real-time accounting of our lives or feelings.
There is plenty of goodness that will probably go unrecorded.
(Zach's Star Wars Party! Kyle's awesome basketball games!)
And there are certainly things I'm all too happy to forget about.
(the city didn't receive my mail-in money order to pay my speeding ticket and now they've doubled my *already extensive* fine and I have a court date!?)
Asked to describe my current state, I'd say: frazzled.
I've struggled under the combined weight of my commitments, obligations and responsibilities.
But asked to describe what keeps me going: I'd point to the picture above.
It's a concerted effort to elevate what it is that means the very most to me.


Lora said...

oh man! I'm so sorry to hear all the ticket yuck!
hang in there friend, I sure hope things fizzle down in your life.

You have such BEAUTIFUL little ladies!

Christy said...

what a beautiful picture! sorry about the ticket-- that stinks! it's true, so much of our lives aren't seen on the blog-- but isn't it great we have the record, even though it's incomplete? i think yes. love ya, friend!

Bailey Family said...

I am also not sure where January went...frazzled and surrounded by family = it will work out and be okay. Love ya!

Court and Britt said...

Dang those speeding tickets and the one's in Missouri sure aren't cheap to begin with, I'M SORRY! It would be impossible to record everything, but I think it sure will be fun one day to look back on all these moments and cherish them even more :). I think of blogging as my form of family history since I am turning mine into books. I KNOW that your kids are going to look back on this blog someday and be so grateful for all of the moments you captured!! Maybe this is just me, but I think it is important to share some of the not-so-fun stuff too, so that when our kids look back they can see what life was truly like :) MISS YOU FRIEND!