Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Poppy Love

The story of Poppy's birth is different in some small ways than my previous experiences.
But in the most important ways it was exactly the same as each of the others.
There was a lotta love and excitement in that room. The mood was relaxed and peaceful (thank you epidural/anesthesiologist) and I only pushed one time before she made her debut.
(it's obnoxious i know, you can hit me later)
I am grateful for the blessing of healthy babies and big hips. :)
I guess at this point, when I think about the story of Poppy's birth, I'm not thinking as much about time-lines and numbers anymore.
Stepping back a bit from it all I see another story,
about how Poppy has brought so much to our home.
My mom sewed the blue pillow for me.
It was a project I had tucked in the corner of my room for so long.
I am not a seamstress.
And I'm not sure why I always collect projects that require the sewing machine.
Also, my bed is clear.
Clear of laundry that is.
Friday after Poppy was born, I hit a personal slump.
I think the reality of 4 children certainly caught up with me.
(and that is an understatement)
I burst into tears no less than 3 times that day, and my sisters and mom caught wind.
They converged on my home Friday night and brought dinner, folded my mounds of laundry and then took Zach, Lily and Roman for overnights at their homes.
I'll take the opportunity to publicly thank my patient husband who put up
with endless "to-do" lists and never once complained or told me (rightfully so) I was insufferable/pushing it/a slave driver.
These lists were split down the middle.
My side and his side.
Except my side said things like *purchase pacifier *order this/that
...and his side looked more like *build bookshelves *paint and move furniture *make crib skirt (yes, he really did that...he's way better with a sewing machine by the way) *switch light fixtures *clean your nasty garage.
Ahhhhh, I only wish I was kidding.
I can laugh now, it doesn't all seem nearly as important as it did a few weeks ago.
The book ledges are in the boys room.
And below are pictures from the girls room.
A lot of love went into the preparations for Poppy's arrival.
Meals and well-wishes from family and friends have been abundant and so so appreciated.
It is humbling to realize just how essential the kind service of others has been to our family.
And although we have our moments of crazy,
everyone is a bit softer,
the kids beg to hold Poppy all the time,
and we are more interested in making the feeling in our home a little more heaven-like.


Erin S said...

Oh, Tara. You are so kind and amazing and I am so jealous of your beautiful home and the way you decorate. Poppy is beautiful. I hope you are doing well. :)

Brandon and Natalie said...

Congratulations! She is a doll. I love her name. Don't you wish our houses always looked as clean and pretty as they do in the pictures?!?! :) Have fun with 4, why is it I'm already wanting another one????

Tish said...

I love your home Tara! I'm sorry you cried three times, but glad you have a beautiful support system...and can I say I LOVED your honey-do list lol. PRICELESS! I might borrow the garage one if you don't mind :)

dixonfamily said...

Poppy is lovely in every way and I am so glad you have had a little help. Four kids is certainly a houseful, but as you said, each one adds to the heavenly feeling of our homes.(I wonder if Heaven was as rowdy as our house?)
I love the beautiful home you and Dave have created for your family. Your pictures always make me think that I'm looking at a magazine. Everything you do is just lovely!!

Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

She's perfect! Congratulations again.

I'm coveting the bookshelves. How did you (Dave) do them?

Rachel@ A Little Bit of Ray said...

You probably don't remember me. I was friends w/ Margaret Bailey when she was in the Independence single's branch. We only met a few times. Thought I'd preface my comment. I adore your blog. You're such a wonderful writer and I love your photography. I also adore your kids names. I've always loved the name Poppy. I have 3 kids and know the adjustment period after birth can be hard. Give yourself breaks and cuddle time and things will be better. I love your kids rooms. Kay, I hope I've praised you enough... :)

Caryn said...

Again, she is so beautiful! I'm happy that you have such an awesome support system. Thanks for reminding me of the best things.

Christy said...

you are such a good lady, tara, and such a good mommy. i'm glad to hear about the breakdown (it seems after i have a baby i have at least one serious emotional breakdown...so it's good to know i'm not alone! :), and WOW on the one push. crossing my fingers for that kind of delivery. hooray for epidurals, and for little poppy and all the love she's brought to your home. there is nothing like having a newborn around-- heaven does feel close and i do believe those first few weeks are sacred. love you lots, keep your chin up. i think you are just amazing.

ps- and the decorating?! you have serious talent. i want the girls' room for my own. it looks so pretty and peaceful.

Lou Lou said...

Tara!!! Congratulations! Poppy is so beautiful! I am so happy for your family. I know the adjustment period can take a toll on a mama, but it's so nice to see you have such a wonderful support system. I would LOVE to take Lilly and Roman off your hands next week so you can have some one on one time with Poppy. I will call you. And as a ditto to everyone else, your house is amazing. You are so talented at decorating and photography. You are probably the most talented person I know. Luv you!!

Isaura said...

everything looks so perfect, especially that sweet baby. i love those shelves. i gave some like that saved in pintrest. now i know who to get tips from. :) you have a patient husband. i love family. so sweet that they were able to help you.

The Presutti's said...

I love everything little thing about this adorable post!

Lora said...

I'm so happy to hear you are doing well, and even more glad you are surrounded by love! That baby of your looks perfect! Welcome to the world sweet Poppy Painter. Will you email me your address? (again!)


Nicole said...

Poppy is precious! Love the heart on the tush! :)

And your style --- beautiful! I wish I had an ounce of your creativity.

Tiff and Dave said...

Poppy is sooo beautiful!! You are a fantastic wife and mother, and I would give anything to have your natural ability at pictures and decorating. You are amazing and I hope maybe someday I will get to meet your little ones! :)

Nicole said...

keep it real, i love how you post the truth... and you find the love and joy in it. i totally have those moments, the little things (like clean the garage and do this and that) PILE up and bog us down. and they seem important and they are at the time... but they're aren't. you are amazing tara :) i love your blog! and i hate those stupid mouse/hamster things. cvs totally has them!!! LOL

Jill Revell said...

poppy is too sweet! and your house is so beautiful! you are such an amazing mom...i definitely hope to be as good as you some day!

Lauri said...

Congratulations Tara! She is just the most precious little girl!