Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

I'm feeling so much peace this evening, and for that I am grateful.
This season is wonderful, and having my little ones around makes it magical.
We've read books, opened the advent boxes, delivered goodies, visited Santa and prepared a manger for the baby Jesus (adding a piece of straw for each kind deed done).

We've listend to our pandora (Classical Christmas) station all month long, and read the accounts of Christs birth in our Bible and Book of Mormon.

And now the children are asleep, Santa's cookies are nibbled, the reindeer devoured the carrots, and the Christmas tree will stay lit all night long.

Sometimes you think it's only kids who stay awake with merriment on Christmas Eve, but as I've discovered, parents do too.

Much love from our home to yours
Merry, Merry Christmas

the Painters


dixonfamily said...

What a beautiful family.
Merry Christmas Painters!

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas!

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Christy said...

oh yes, it is so magical, for children and adults. i hope you guys had a merry christmas. thanks for the card. we loved it!