Monday, September 13, 2010

One more warm evening.

First things first.
I'm so happy to have a picture of this familiar summer scene.
Many, many, many of our summer mornings, afternoons and evenings looked just like this.
Tonight could very well be the last night a run through the sprinkler is possible.
Goodbye summer 2010!
These photographs are actually my homework.
Finally, I am getting around to taking my first photography class.
And I am loving it so much.
All of these pictures are straight out of my camera. Not an ounce of post processing.
I don't even have Photoshop anyway.
Certainly, that is nothing to boast about, because heaven knows I'd love to have Photoshop.
And even more, know how to use it. Sparingly of course :)
Not that these pictures are some sort of photographic ideal
(i'll probably cringe in another year and see all the mistakes I made)...
But just for kicks I switched my camera to auto-mode for a comparison.
Example below.
Not gonna lie.
It feels good to be a little smarter than my 'fancy' camera!


Whit said...

You're taking a photography class? You? And you're not teaching it? Wow I'm excited to see you get better [as if you need it!] Awesome!!

Christy said...

oh man, that first picture kills me. your kids are so expressive, i love it. and a photography class, awesome! hope you have better success then i did. :) you really are way smarter then your camera. way to go!

Janet Johnson said...

Uh yeah, I'd say a LOT smarter than your fancy camera. And yay for the class! So fun to improve on our talents. Enjoy!

Nicole said...

You take amazing pictures but I'm sure you're loving learning more!

Your kids look so happy. :)

Isaura said...

such great memories and pictures! i agree, minimal post processing is always the best. i have an ancient version of photoshop elements and have taught myself to do some basic things. the more natural the better :)i'm glad you are having fun in your class. i've taken a couple in the past, one was a dud, the other two i really enjoyed. such a fun talent, but unfortunently not cheap.

Jill Revell said...

wow...your pictures are SO much better than the auto setting! i have so much to learn!

your kids are adorable and seem to be growing up so darn fast! what great childhood memories!

Erin S said...

Oh that little Roman is so cute! All your kids are cute for that matter. :)

Missy said...

love them. LOVE these photos.

which class??

dixonfamily said...

Love how you catch those happy moments with your kids on camera. I want to take a photography class sometime. You'll have to let me know if it is helpful. Are you taking it at a community college or doing one of the online ones? So fun either way. Good for you.

Bailey Family said...

Lydia would love to be a model for your homework if you need her. Just let us know!
I hope you get an A in your class!