Friday, May 7, 2010

Making me Happy

Adorable ramekins on clearance at JoAnn's. My store only had 1 box. They located two more boxes and shipped them from Corpus Christy, TX. So happy they were willing to go to all that trouble for a clearance item. I'm making mini turkey pot pies in them. With the turkey from the post below, haha.
My friend Yanery made me a beautiful camera strap! She just whipped it up one morning and said it was no big deal. It was a BIG DEAL to me. So sweet. (and if it wasn't so difficult to take the strap off my camera I'd have a picture.)
A sweet deal on a PBK lunchbox. $5.99 plus free shipping. I WILL HAVE A KINDERGARTNER THIS FALL!! I WILL BE PACKING LUNCHES!!!
My spunky, spirited little girl. I love her. I am learning so much about mothering, and about life in general through this gal. She is one of a kind, and I'm so glad to be her mother!
Swagbucks!! I am up to the equivalent of $50 in Amazon gift cards and I can't wait to cash them in.
At first I thought I'd buy something practical like diapers.
Then I thought, nah...a treat for myself.
I can't decide between my favorite candle, those beautiful books, or some specialty grocery items!
If you want to sign up, kindly use me as a referral and I'll love you for ever! or I can send an email.
Dave continues with the cool HUD housing treasures.
He brought home 2 of those black dusty chairs, solid wood, real old, real sturdy.
They are in my project pile.
He found that big crock, an old steamer trunk, a marble topped bistro table, retro green lamp, new paint brushes, nice JEEP umbrella stroller, a bentwood-style chair. Oh my, the list goes on and on.
It's like a flea market that's FREE! Never know what you will find.
A date night with my husband on Friday!
The Kansas City Temple ground breaking Saturday!
Mother's Day on Sunday!


Lora said...

What great finds! I love the mini Tukey Pot Pie idea!

Nicole said...

Love your happy list! It looks like you've found some great deals on some neat items! I love that luck!

And a kindergartener? Oh, my!

Kristen M said...

I love your photos, and your list! I scored a couple of those lunch boxes too! Hooray for using Swagbucks. I'm jealous of your gift card. I've only got enough for $10. But definitely a good call to use it for something for YOU. You deserve it!

SDLollypoppers said...

Wow! Awesome finds. :) I love your pics. Are you doing that professionally? I'm sorry if I should already know this. :(

Janet Johnson said...

So much to be happy about! Love the HUD treasures. Very cool. And kindergarten is great. They grow so much and so fast, though. He'll love it, I'm sure! (Though I swear he's still that little baby crawling around the RS chairs.)

Blake and Yanery said...

Love it! I so want to see your projects! Your soo creative!

Isaura said...

what fun finds! you could start up some kinda of little shop with all your treasures. i love ramekins, they make the simplest food look beautiful and you can never have enough. yours are extra cute. puff pastry in ramekins over pot pies works really well. so do potato gratins. excuse my ignorance, but does the wild turkey taste like the thanksgiving turkeys i buy at the grocery story?
if you are taking votes on what to do with your bucks, i say go for the'll LOVE them!

Blogger said...

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