Friday, April 23, 2010

A Friday in April

It's that time of year again. The busy time for our business.
And I seem to notice it most on Friday nights.
I miss my husband. I get a little bored.
We eat pancakes for dinner.
Zachary and Lily played with a roly poly all afternoon.
They laughed hysterically when it crawled up and down their arms.
They made him a home inside of a shoebox filled with grass and sticks.
They begged me to let it be their pet.
They talked about who would get to sleep with it.
And of course they named him.
Mortimer B.
And finally, I heard,
"Why doesn't he move anymore?" (Lily)
"I think he's just sleeping." (Zach)
So I suggested they leave him outside and let him find his family.
Reluctantly they found a spot on our porch and came in for dinner.
Before bedtime they wanted to check on him.
"MOM...Mortimer is STILL THERE!!"
They were shocked and so excited their friend decided to stick around.
I don't have the heart to tell them.
Rest in peace Mortimer B.


Janet Johnson said...

Too funny! Poor Mortimer B. Life with kids is tough. Mortimer just found out the hard way. ;)

And I hear you on the pancakes.

Isaura said...

Hey, we had breakfast for dinner last night! It didn't include pancakes though, just the healthier things like bacon and biscuits ;) I guess there could be worse reasons not to have your husband home right? Making the green isn't too bad.
i love how your children use their imaginations!! so fun.
Ohhh and send me your email and I'll send you that recipe :)

Christy said...

HA! poor mortimer. and let me tell you, i can definitely relate to the pancakes for dinner when tom's not home. (why make dinner that sophie probably won't eat anyway?) and missing tom at night. tom works until midnight every wednesday (and starts at seven am) and i usually look forward to after the kids are in bed, because i think, "hey, now i can do something girly. alone time." inevitably i'm always lonely. :) good luck getting through the busy season!

Maria said...

Richie gets home late on Friday nights too. I am going to steal the pancake idea for those nigths I think :) I thought of you the other day when I found a house centipede (gross!!!) in my bathroom. I wished I had a husband in the pest control business!!! I might have to ask you for some tips if I find anymore because I am deathly afraid of them! And I just love the way your kids interact! Isaac and abby would have a blast with them for sure :)

Erin S said...

I love breakfast for dinner and we have waffles and turkey sausage a LOT!!
Poor Mortimer, at least he was well loved!!

SDLollypoppers said...

Aw! I have an ancestor whose name was Mortimer Brown. LOL!

SDLollypoppers said...

Aw! I have an ancestor named Mortimer Brown. LOL!

Whit said...

Bfast for din din is THE BEST! As a kid, a college student, and hopefully an adult :)

Caryn said...

Your sweet kids....They love life and it is so catchable (or, whats the word?)!

Greg said...

I remember two little sisters who were facinated the day our little neighbor boy showed them how to find rolly-polly bugs by lifting up the stepping stones around the house. Sweet memories of Tara & Laura! Love, Mom

Lora said...

=) I loved that there was a conversation about who gets to sleep with it. It just shows you how sweet kids are they just literally loved it to death. My mom would always tell us things died of old age peacefully in their sleep. i guess she didn't have the heart either.

ps-Our favorite breakfast/dinner is sour cream pancakes. Divine and SO easy. Let me know if you would want the recipe. It's from the pioneer woman cookbook.

Jill Revell said...

poor mortimer b. Haha that is so funny!

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Oh that is so cute! They are hilarious! I had a pet caterpillar that I kept alive for 1 month in a empty sour cream container with holes poked in the top of the lid...they will find another I guess! Haha.

Missy said...

We have tons of roly poly's too! And yep, the same thing is happening around here. Several times a day.

Being a mom is seriously so great right?

Oh Tara, my heart suddenly hurt because I know we would have the best time being neighbors. Or maybe you wouldn't love it so much because you would always be teaching me your DIY's :)