Tuesday, February 2, 2010

They say the best things in life are free

Ok. I know the best things in life aren't things.
But free stuff is pretty cool.

David is on a roll.
He does termite work for HUD housing.
There is always a trash pile of interesting stuff in the empty homes.
He pulled this out knowing I would like it.
I think I officially have a collection now.
This little gray guy makes vintage fan #2.

The key was another trash pile find.
We were browsing Anthropologie while on a date this weekend, and
they had a bowl of (smaller --less cool) keys for sale.
$12.95 a piece.
We took it as confirmation of coolness.

On that same date, we wondered into Williams-Sonoma.
I pointed out the little french tumblers I wanted to buy to replace our
(broken and cracked) everyday glasses.
David said a bar that he services, changed out their glassware and
there was a box of extras.
Sure enough, a box of 30 was delivered to my door...

This last little treasure wasn't entirely free.
But it is an old refrigerator drawer that I spied on craigslist for $10.
And probably because I have an obsession with labels...I think it is so cool.
In my dream pantry it can hold potatoes and onions.
But right now it sits on my island and makes me happy.

Sometimes I wish I had more money for home decoration.
(ok, I wish that a lot lately)
But when I look around my house,
it's the pieces like these that make me smile.
They have a story.
A memory is attached.
They make it home-y.


Lora said...

What fantastic finds! You and I are hitting the same phase. I would LOVE to decorate my home the way I dream of. I have so many dreamy ideas! I love that Dave sees things and gets them because he knows you'll love them! That's a good man right there!

Christy said...

how cool! i really like the key. tom's family used to clean HUD houses while he was growing up and he has some pretty crazy stories. i don't know if they noticed the cool stuff. way to go dave!

Jill Revell said...

sweet! i love the veggie bin and how sweet is that to get free glasses. now you have plenty to spare if they get broken :)

Barbara said...

I love ur ideas:) I think that stuff is so cool, but lack the initial vision on my own. The fridgerator draw is awesome!

Tiffany said...

I love your style, Tara. You have such great taste. And I think things are much more satisfying when they are free or a good deal! The veggie bin is so cute.

Erin S said...

Oooh, I'm so jealous of all your finds!! That veggie bin is cute! And I love the old key too. Lucky!

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Ah I love all of your cute home decor finds! I am jealous haha! What is HUD houses? I may have to go on craigslist right now lol.

Isaura said...

such cool finds!
i love your fan. i fell in love with a similar vintage fan at an antique store once but didn't quite want to give up $100 bucks for it. yeah for your husband! ohh the key. last year i bought a set of faux vintage keys from PB that are hanging in one of my bathrooms. i love them. i'm sure they'd be a lot cooler if they really were vintage :)
great finds!

Lori Garcia said...

I love your "free style" -- I would love to come "shopping" at your house!

Knowles Family said...

Love them all!!! And I love that Dave knows you so well that he knows you'll love something when he sees it!
Josh used to bring me stuff, too. Mostly printers, though. Every time my cartridges ran out of ink he'd just bring me a new printer from the basement/parking garage of the office instead of actually hitting the store! The partners were just glad to have more room to park their cars!