Monday, January 25, 2010

Birthday Boys

Born 24 years and 8 days apart.

Last night we had our family over to celebrate the birthdays of these two guys.
If you can even imagine how exciting it was for little guy to blow out candles with his dad!
They each had a dessert request. David's had fruit of course, in the form of fruit pizza.
And Zachary kept changing his order daily until he finally arrived on vanilla cake-chocolate icing-blue "Z" on top.

David is 29.
It's an exciting year. He's done a lot in his 20s.
I'm sure he's got a few more things to accomplish in this decade.
Zachary is (almost) 5.
That is a big number.
It makes me happy, (and a little wistful) to think about it.
So for tonight and a few more nights...he's still 4.


dixonfamily said...

That Zach is a HONEY!! Watch out ladies!! I'm sure David is too, but it would be inappropriate for me to say so. HA!
Happy Birthday to two of your boys!!
Great pictures of them together!

*K*R*I*S*T*Y* said...

aw happy birthday guys!Zach is such a photogenic kid!

Erin S said...

Happy Birthday Guys! Zach is just getting so big and CUTE!!

Christy said...

what great pictures! and happy birthday to your two guys.

Jill Revell said...

That fruit pizza looks good! What is the white stuff you used? Happy birthday guys!

Lora said...

look at your darling men! happy birthday!

Is Zach really almost 5! WOW-EY!
I love that they share the same smile!

Anonymous said...

That is so fun for them to have birthdays so close! I have to tell you that we had soooooo much fun at your house last week. We need to do it again soon, only next time, my place. I can not promise the gourmet meal you prepared, however... :) You are a rock star!!! Zach is such an awesome kid. Kai just loved playing with him! Happy Birthday BOYS!!!

Nicole said...

yeah, happy birthday!!! can i tell you how yummy fabulous that fruit sheet thing looked... i've had some before, DIVINE! can you give me the recipe, isn't it with sugar cookie mix?

Isaura said...

yuuuuuuuuuuuum those birthday desserts look awesome! you make the best looking treats. i bet they taste just as wonderful as they look :)