Monday, September 7, 2009

Lily's 3rd Birthday

Dearest Lily,
You are so perfectly 3 now. There was a birthday party of course. We celebrated with your little friends.
That's you, tucked back there behind the door. Oh you were so excited every time the door bell rang. That morning you came into my room while I was still in bed and you knew it was birthday party day. I told you to go downstairs and check it out (dad and I had decorated the night before). It was like Christmas. You and Zach stomped downstairs, your father and I giggled in bed as we heard your voices EXCLAIMING to each other all the delightful things you were finding.

Lily, you were so cute as we sang the birthday song to you. Sort of this shy but pleased look on your face. And then, you wanted your brother to blow out the candles, same as last year.
It's a silly thing, but I used your great-great-grandmothers dishes...and I had a moment. They've been packed away for two years, and getting them out was just one more time to realize we are back home. No more boxes. Which also led me to think about the fact that this is the first birthday you've celebrated with our extended family. And that made me smile.
Post-party...but it's included to show off the pom-pom decorations. Courtesy of dad. He whipped those up, and was pretty proud. He likes to tease about all the party preparations...but don't be fooled, he TOTALLY gets into it.
Then on Saturday, your actual birthday, we celebrated with family and lots of food.
And once again, you requested someone else blow out the candles. But by this time, you were a party PRO. You gulped down a few pieces of cake, and before we had served the rest, you were pulling a heavy wooden chair into the center of the room. (just like we did the day before) You told me you were ready to open your presents. Cracked me up. And the girl who plays with Spiderman action figures and can work all the Transformers was SHOWERED with pink boxes of girlie glory.
Obviously, this made you happy. You're the sweetest thing Lily Anne Painter.
I hope you had the happiest birthday yet, from the bottom of my heart.


Nicole said...

happy birthday lily! that's our kacey's birthday too! the party looked wonderful, i loved the pomm pomms dangling in mid air... so awesome!!! and i love that you used your grandmother's china... everything looked so perfect! :)

Erin S said...

Happy Birthday Lily! Oh my, I can't believe she is 3! What a fun party....or two. Lucky!

Lora said...

Happy birthday! What a fantastic party complete with every perfect detail. What a beautiful party, the photos of her with the dolls are priceless!

Isaura said...

oh i bet that was a fun party!
all the little touches make it so complete. makes me want to get out my pink latte bowls and drink dispensers and throw a party. :)
you guys know how to partay!!

Barbara said...

So fun:) I love the excitment in the photos!! Happy birthday lily:)

Jill Revell said...

Looks like a super cute party!! All of the party decorations and food look amazingly perfect! I love Lily's face while opening her presents...too cute!

Nicole said...

Tara ~ I am always amazed at the parties you throw. From the decorations to the treats, you don't miss a thing. You are so could be a kids party planner for a living!

Christy said...

i can't believe little miss lily is already three! i swear we were just at her second birthday party. sniff sniff! the party looks awesome-- as usual everything looks just perfect and so much fun. i'm glad you guys get to be with your family even though we miss hanging out with you!

Bailey Family said...

Thanks for throwing a great party and inviting the "family" party.
By the way...who is that hot guy sitting on the railing on the deck in the red shirt? Do you think you could hook us up? Let me know!

Court and Britt said...

happy birthday lily, what a fun party :)

meg said...

Will you throw my next birthday? Please!!!

Missy said...

I've thought about this entire party as I put together very minimal things for Chloe's first party. I LOVE, LOVE how you do party decor. I wish I was better at that. You cease to amaze me.