Monday, August 10, 2009

A Progression

If someone told me four years ago that while looking at my dinner I would be awed by the beauty and be unable to take a bite until I had photographed my plate...well, I would have laughed. A hearty laugh.
In anticipation of my first child I bought two cameras. Disposable ones. Each with 24 exposures, and sadly, they lasted for my baby's ENTIRE first year. I get a little wistful thinking about all the pieces of life that my eye would see now. The pieces that would surely find their way onto my camera.
Often, I am too embarrassed to say that photography has become a hobby. I don't feel worthy. I am ultra-aware of my weaknesses and lack of knowledge. Sometimes I think of my friend Stacy. After watching her daughter take piano lessons for a few months, she decided that SHE would give it a try as well. As her teacher, I was astounded at how fast she progressed. How diligent and devoted she was. Watching her develop this new talent was so inspiring to me.
Now I take pictures. Or try to. And surprisingly what I like best about this new journey is not my growing pile of photographs. (Although a few years from now, I imagine they will be a treasure) What I appreciate the most is how my view of the world around me has changed, expanded. There is so much beauty. And somehow, it is simultaneously simple and complex.


Whit said...

You are so good at it too! I hope to someday pick up this hobby (when I find myself with a few extra hours in the day and dollars in the bank, ha!) Hey, when you get the chance, will you text me your home address?? I need to send you something!

Thanks for everything. You have helped me more than you know, I think. Love, Whitney

Nicole said...

you really take fabulous photos! don't we have the same camera, how come your pictures look so good!!!??? seriously that dish, yumm-o! however it would not have stopped me from diving in. i like how it came right after the picture of the 2 cuties staring at eachother. :)

Lora said...

You couldn't have said that any better! You are fabulous at what you do and inspiring for those of us who share the same passion!

meg said...

I think I like to take pictures because it's so validating - that's my me, my life, my pretty babies, I was here. You take beautiful pictures; enjoy developing your talent.

Isaura said...

ahh yes, my sentiments exactly.
i've always loved photography and never felt like i could properly express myself through it until my husband got me my current camera almost 2 years ago. i always felt like the pictures in my head never matched what i was producing with my tiny point and shoots.
photography is something that has really stirred up passion in me, although i too feel clueless about it sometimes. anyway, your progression has produced lovely pictures by the way. and don't even get me started on photo-ing food!! I've been know to take many a plate hostage, ask my husband. :)

Jill Revell said...

I love Roman's smile!

You are seriously a talented photograher. You just have that eye for the right angle/lighting/etc. Plus you are super creative.

What is in the tomatoes?

Holbrook's said...

BTW...your pics are AMAZING! I think you are sooo talented!!

Nicole said...

You have a beautiful talent, Tara - embrace it!!!

Christy said...

what darling pictures of your little guys. i still can't believe you never took pictures until recently. blows my mind because you are SO good at it.

i love the story of the mom learning to play the piano. i think far too often we think we can't learn something new because we're not kids. love it when people step out of that mentality.

Sean and Janet Eyring said...

Can I just say that I look forward to your blog mostly for the awesome pictures you take (although I do heartily chuckle at your writing as well!)
Keep it up, and make some money on the side photo-ing other people's kids!