Friday, August 21, 2009

Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have. -unknown

Poor guy doesn't even know he's got a pink paci.
And, he sucks his thumb which is the cutest thing.
I love him.
Yesterday while driving in the car, I was overcome with happiness.
I turned off the music and told my kids,
"Do you know that I am so happy to be your mother?
There is nothing else in this whole wide world I would rather be doing right now."
In the rear view mirror I saw Lily crack a sweet smile and
from the back I heard Zach say,
"Yeah mom, we know."
Speaking of utter contentment...
I love when David and I sit in the same room with our internetting delights.
From my computer there were friendly blogs mingled with music,
and a few favorite shopping spots.
I glanced over to his screen when I heard strange sounds.
You Tube had him entranced. He spent 42 minutes watching a big machine
dig out a lake on someones private property. The producer of the video (a farmer)
had set up a tripod and recorded (no edits mind you) the endless hours of his labor.
I think there were 6 parts.
When I teased him about it, he said, "well, you just spent 20 minutes looking
at about mind-numbing."
Secretly, I love that he watches those obscure videos that have only been viewed by
three other people (the farmer, his wife and maybe his curious neighbor).
Because I just know that our differences are what enrich each other's lives.
Someday my pillow search will beautify our space, and knowing my husband,
there will come a day when understanding how to dig a lake will come in handy.


Jill Revell said...

I love those moments where you stop and realize that you just wouldn't want it any other way. That quote is so true.

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Hahaha Kevin watches random things on youtube as well...dunno about that RANDOM but pretty out there lol.
Oh and I love the title of your blog post :)
And are you looking for pillows or something? Lol. We are pillow-less on our couch!

Knowles Family said...

Oh, that sounds so familiar! Except with Josh it's youtube of old Will Smith rap videos...and he sings along with surprizing, and somewhat disturbing, accuracy!

I love those moments!

Isaura said...

ahh, yes we have many of those similar moments. i wonder how he could stare at the same sports (and youtube) sights for hours, but i'm sure he thinks that of my favorite sites.
your little guy is getting so big!

Lora said...

I thought my michael was the only man who watched really random mind numbing videos on utube, it's great to know there's another! they might be soul mates!

LOVE the pink paci-it's a sign of a true man!

Nicole said...

so sweet and precious! love the pink paci :)

PAINTER said...

Hey Now... You never know when some "mind numbing" video might save a life. The phrase "Get as much education as possiable" comes to mind. LOL

Erin S said...

Haha, Tara, I love the way you write! You are funny!

Shannon said...

I am surprise to hear it wasnt a video about the longest burp or something silly like that. i just love Romans binky... Owen has one too. love you guys!

Christy said...

apparantly the video watching on youtube is a guy thing. tom loves it. love the picture of little roman. what a sweetie.

Holbrook's said...

I am glad to know that my husband and I are not the only couple who sit at different computers in the same room and consider this "couple time"