Monday, July 27, 2009

Some things...

Last week our Family Home Evening was David's idea. We sang (learned) the verse about Jonah in the 'Follow the Prophet' primary song, shared the story of Jonah and the Whale, watched the little scripture video and then carved our own whales out of soap. I love when FHE is a success! The kids had fun, remember the story, and the soap whales transitioned right into bath and bedtime! "Let's take your whales in the bath!"
David's 10-year reunion was this weekend. So much fun. really. And what happens when you remind two people with three young children that they used to be love-struck teenagers and send them out for a night, sans kids, to hang out with people from yesteryear? They don't come home until 3am. Oh my gosh. We have paid the price dearly.
Yesterday I drove to my sister's house to deliver some birthday cupcakes. That means I drove right by our old house in Auberndale. Gosh, I felt physically ill. That sickly longing feeling is just so rotten. I really, really wished that I could pull into the driveway and walk back into my home. It still feels like my home. Also, (I drove REAL slow) I noticed the lady who bought our house still has my curtains up. It made me kind of happy. I obsessed over the fabrics, and I sewed them myself. Glad she likes my style (or maybe she is just saving her pennies to replace them) but I like to think she enjoys them. I don't enjoy her dumb face statues on the front porch. To each her own I suppose.


Lora said...

What a cute FHE idea! I love it.

Totally understand about your house. My old family house is on the same street as Mikes parents house and driving by it every time tugs at my heart, my mom still can't drive there after 4 years!

Who couldn't love your style, She'll never take those drapes down =)

Isaura said...

tara, those soaps are so cute!! they look like they're made of wood. very creative. i was looking at some of my old blog posts the other night and it made me sad to see pictures of my old house. just when i felt like i was making it my own, decor and all, we up and moved. i'm still trying to figure out our new house. when i go to houston i'm always tempted to do a driveby but i'm scared to see if they pulled up my grapefruit tree or got rid of my herb garden.
questions about the pans on my last post. i think you can get lots of stuff cheaper at the supply store over williams sanoma. those sturdy aluminum loaf pans were around 7.50..not sure the price at WS. I've gotten big metal mixing bowls, and various circle cake pans for cheaper at the supply store. I got a big Boos butcher block at the supply store, thinking it was cheaper and saw it at WS for 8 dollars less. You just have to investigate I guess...but it's so worth going to if you find one. And make a budget before hand!! ;)
sorry this comment was like a small novel.

Christy said...

that FHE sounds so fun! way to go at being pretty much the funnest/coolest parents ever! and i also think i would never take curtains down that you picked out. :)

Jill Revell said...

Holy cow...that FHE idea is awesome! You guys definitely get the cool parents award.

Nicole said...

EVERY time I drive past your old neighborhood I glance at the back of your old house! I can't resist. You made that place a great home! I'm sure it's bitter-sweet but think of all you've done since then!

HS reunions - why is it we think we can still keep up with our younger lifestyle? ;-)

Bailey Family said...

3 A.M.! You wild and crazy teens. I want to hear the details. I am nervous about our 10 reunion coming up...I cannot imagine that I will be staying out until three...but who knows! Glad you guys had fun.

I have not been by your old house since you moved...I am sure that I would feel the same way..that is how I feel about your parents old house...I always want to drive by and see what is going on...but you guys do not live there anymore.

Lisa said...

Love the FHE idea. I'll have to copy that one.
Glad you had fun at the reunion!