Friday, June 5, 2009

Zoo - KC style

Happy Birthday cousin Brock...he turned 1!
The thing I love and hate about the Kansas City Zoo is how spread out it is. Takes a LONG time to get from exhibit to exhibit.
Good: the animals have lots of space to roam, you can walk amongst the kangaroos, peacocks and such, great exercise for me!
Bad: kids get tired of walking, I'm not into the triple stroller idea, and if you happen to get stuck in a downpour (like we did) your heart out.
We haven't been since we lived here 2 years ago and were pleasantly surprised by all the upgrades and new features.

Mr. Roman slept the whole time, saved all his smiles for dad.


Lora said...

What a fun day! I can't believe it Roman is changing so fast!

ps-I don't know if you heard Christy had her baby yesterday afternoon! He is 20" long and weighed 7.9. I'm sure you'll hear all about it from her!

Tiffany said...

You take such amazing pictures! I would love to hang out next week, but I'm going to Utah for 2 weeks. I would love to get together when I get back, though. You can teach me a thing or two about taking pictures. :) Sorry next week won't work out, but I am excited to see you and catch up!

Missy said...

Ooooh. This whole post I wished I lived near you guys and we could visit the KC zoo together:)

Knowles Family said...

I love the picture of Dave and Roman! How lucky your little ones are to have such fantastic parents!!! I hope everything is going well for you all!

Isaura said...

i love the zoo!! and for some reason the zoo in ft worth is more pleasant than my lovely houston. Perhaps it has something to do with less humidity and not almost passing out in the stinky gorilla cage. your little family is so, so cute. i love your little girl's mini gladiators. she's stylin'!

meg said...

I always enjoy your wonderful pictures! You really have an eye.
And speaking of having a great eye - I love what you've done in your nursery! Roman's not only super cute, but super lucky as well.