Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Place...More Space

These two checking out their new romping ground. If I could only convince them that the woods are not exciting!

This baby wants out. I want him to stay put for at least another week or so.

Unpacking is soooo slow. I'm too big, David is too busy. There are too many other fun things to do.

In my hormonal delirium, I decided to overhaul the nursery furniture. In explanation (and hoping he'd get on board), I actually told my husband that I felt like I needed to sacrifice a little for the new baby. He's number 3, I wanted him to feel that we had done and made special things for him. The project was larger than I imagined. Let it be known, I have sacrificed for baby Roman.

Which by the way, will be his name. Still working on the middle one.


Zach 'n' Jack said...

good luck!!! Wish I was there to help with the unpacking/overhauling :-) Stay put baby Roman, just for a little longer!!!!

Nicole said...

(i'm going to be one of those horrible persons who say)... post a picture of you on your blog!!!! good luck with all the unpacking. pregnant or not, i hate unpacking... even if it's just unpacking from a short trip.... much less a huge move!!!

Lora said...

I wish we were there to help you unpack! I know I have said this before but Roman is a fantastic name!! good luck with everything!

Polly said...

So cute! I remember when Carter and Kimball were that age...I would take them to the park and they would spend all of their time playing with the dirt, rocks and trees :)! Good luck with #3...it will be great! Where did you guys end up in KC? Are you back in SCV ward? We miss that place!

PAINTER said...

My wife the trooper. She is amazing. Only if there were a way to truely express my love and grattitude for her. Look at what she is up against:
1) dealing with the kids
2) putting up with me
3) being prego
4) living with me
all of this while im starting a new business.
Love ya Babe

Christy said...

i can't believe how close you are to your due date!! so exciting. i can't wait to see baby Roman. good luck with the unpacking. we're starting all the moving madness. crazy!!

Missy said...

I cannot wait to see this little guy! What a mix he will be of your other two and to be able to get to know him via the blog as well.

You're doing great Tara! There are few people who could do it all and you are managing just that - move, baby, job etc.

This little guy is special, I just know it (and I love his name!)