Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Snapshots of Home

It is a 12 hour drive from Houston to Kansas City. I can't complain too much because my kids did REMARKABLY well with the trip!

Zach and Lily loved the "races" held in gas station parking lots!
Thursday we stayed with Dave's mom. Zach and Harry are looking for bunnies in the backyard.
Grandma Sally
And the peaches were yummo!
Grandma Smyers always has lots of toys and treats!
Friday we headed over to Papa Jimmy's for a fish fry.
Lily and Papa
Grandma and Grandpa Painter
Swimming in Papa's pool is always a highlight.
The airshow was "advertising" for their weekend performance, and grandpa's house must have been in the flight path! WOW! Dave got some amazing shots of the planes!
Friday night we headed back to my folks because Ashley and Kevin were coming back from their honeymoon, and the Gormley's (Ashley's fam) were also getting into town. We ordered bar-b-que (you haven't LIVED until you've eaten Smokehouse) and partied late. So late. Funny story, nightime routines go out the window when we visit family. But Zach finally got to bed sometime around 11. An hour later we were all upstairs when Zach was discovered out of bed and having a midnight snack with his new friend Hunter.
I ran downstairs to see what was going on. There they were, chattn' it up, attempting civil conversation during their meal together by asking questions like, "So, what's YOUR full name?" And I just about died when I saw what they were eating.
They had helped themselves to the food, and made BEAN sandwiches. I don't think Zach really touched any of his dinner from earlier in the evening. But there is something about a bean sandwich at midnight, made by your friend, that hits the spot.

It was so refreshing to be home for the weekend. I wish I had gotten my camera out for the play date with girls from my former ward (hi Brittany and Mandi) and the fondue night with friends I grew up with (hi Lisa, Margaret, Lindsay, Anna and Laura too!) We packed so much in those three days...but that's how I like it. Beautiful memories.


Sean and Janet Eyring said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Great photo work on the jets, Dave!

Janet had a photo shoot today for her publicity photos to be used on KSL.com's website. Her weekly segment starts next Wed. I will post links and videos when I have them. We're really proud of her!

Kristen M said...

Oh man, Zach's midnight snack...hilarious. Looks like a fun trip!

Jill Revell said...

What a fun trip! What a funny story about the midnight snack. We are glad to have you back in Houston though, Allie really misses her friends!

Nicole said...

oh i hate how you can't maintain a schedule when away from home... i always vow that i can do it, never can. love the bean sandwiches, how funny! zac looks quite satisfied with his friend and his food at midnight. and i love those reception food pictures, yummy yummy yummy.

Charla said...

Looks like you guys had a fun trip! Great pictures!!!
Thanks for your comments on my blog. I too had no idea you could get burned shooting a gun. It was funny becuase I also have a video of me shooting and the HOT sell casing going right down my shirt and I had to grab it out. Most the others would hit me and bounce on the floor, but of course the one time Matt turned the video phone on it went right down the front and got stuck. That was HOT! lol

Polly said...

MMMMM Smokehouse BBQ! It makes me miss KC just thinking about it!

Brandon and Natalie said...

Oh boy, oh boy, how's your gang holding up with the ...

Don't you just love going home!!! It makes everything better - and then you miss your bed :)