Monday, August 4, 2008

My friend Edouard

No fruit.
No bananas.
No bread.
Dude. Anna and I walked into WalMart (cracking jokes and being silly) to grab a funnel. And then we noticed. There wasn't any food left. Combine that with the 3 page instructions our apartment complex left on our doors, and the fact that they took all the pool furniture away, and that gas lines were crazy, and that stores were taking down their signs, and there were 17 people in line (at 11 pm) to fill up water bottles...I'm feeling a little under prepared maybe. No lie though, I am kinda excited! I like to shake things up a bit! No need for every day to look like the last! If the tornado chaser gig doesn't work out, I might try for the "stand up in hurricane force winds and give the weather report" job.


K2 said...

Stay safe!!!!!

Isaura said...

awesome post. this is too funny. i just posted a similar post about my adventures in wal-mart at midnight last night.
welcome to houston ;)

Christy said...

HA! that's so funny. i almost went to the store today, and then tom told me all the food might be gone. i didn't believe him, but turns out he was right!

and i'm kind of excited too. nothing a little hurricane drama to spice up my day.:)

Bailey Family said...

You are CRAZY!!! I guess that is why the prophet says, "Be Prepared"
Hope all is well.

Nicole said...

oh my gosh, there's nothing! wow, don't think i've ever seen a walmart empty like that. i love storms, so enjoy the adventure some for me... good luck, hope you find bread!!! (pb&j is enough for a little hurricane survival, so just be prepared with that and tp)

Erin S said...

Oh my heck, now I am worried about you guys!