Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sending Love...

We had a beautiful 4th of July. It really was a perfect day. We attended the ward pancake breakfast, took lovely naps (ALL of us!) and then packed up for a fireworks display. I love how all fireworks displays somehow bill themselves as the "LARGEST"...but there is always a catch (like: "west of the Mississippi", or "in the northwest"). Apparently, we attended the "Largest 'land-based' Fireworks Display in the Nation!" Not to poke fun though, because honestly, it was probably the best one I have ever seen! The kids were crazy about all the treats we brought, and they loved the fireworks too!

The excitement was tempered a bit for Dave and I. On July 3rd Dave, being a contact person for his brother Ryan, received a call to say that Ryan had been deployed. Ryan had been active since April, and was preparing for his second tour in Iraq. The timing of deployment was poignant. Throughout the day we were filled with all the imaginable emotions: pride, worry wondering where and how he was, and just an indescribable gratitude for him and all the service men and women. I am so blessed to live in this country, I am so blessed with the freedom afforded me by selfless and brave and patriotic people like Ryan. We love you!

(Dave to Ryan:)
I don't know if you got to see any fireworks so I sent you that video, I hope you got it. I want you to know how proud I am of you and who you have become. I know that times are going to be tough here for awhile, but don't think you are alone. Everyone back home is thinking of you and praying for you always, especially Zach who says "please bwess ucle wryan so he will be taff". I love you and I miss you. We will see you soon.

The reason why Zach LOVES his uncle Ryan! (and motorcycles)



K2 said...

So glad you had a great 4th! Don't you wish we could all be together again and celebrate a big holiday? With food and friends and fun? That would rock. Glad y'all are doing well in Houston!


the boyd family said...

looks like a nice show! i love the pic of everyone laying on the blanket looking up... and best of luck to uncle ryan, we're definitely grateful for his sacrifices for our freedom.

Lisa said...

Love your pictures! Glad you guys had a fun 4th and hope your brother-in-law is protected while he is away.

Court & Britt Jones said...

glad you had a fun 4th of july!! sorry to hear about Dave's brother, but that is so awesome that he is willing to go out and fight for our freedom!!

Court & Britt Jones said...
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