Friday, May 23, 2008

Wannabe member

We have to stop at the bike rack each morning before we enter the gym. (that's right...the gym) Thanks to Kristy and AJ, I am using my free month at 24 hr fitness. It's so so fun. And so so good. I have a gym buddy too, which makes going to the gym, a chance to chat. We go to 3 classes a week, then lift and cardio on the other days. I haven't felt this great for years. Seriously. I get a little anxious to think about my free trial ending in a couple weeks. My husband is great and honestly says "yes" to everything I ever mention (including gym membership), but I am just so fickle. I am undeniably a "saver". Goodness, I even have towels given to us at our WEDDING (almost 6 years ago), that I am apparently "saving" until our others wear out (my, that is embarrassing to admit). So, as you can see, for me, a gym membership seems a bit frivolous. But don't get me wrong. I am not the saint saver. I like to scheme. I like to find ways to talk myself into the things I really want! Which is why this whole Economic Stimulus money that has been conveniently deposited into my checking account is making my brain go crazy with ideas. In my spare time (which I obviously have too much of) I have created a little list of things I would purchase with this "free" money.

1. Gym Membership

2. Dualit toaster

3. Chi flatiron

4. Retro phone for nightstand

5. lamp shade

6. stroller

(I like the caboose strollers, nice that the big kid can ride too)

7. new jeans

8. frying pan

9. Kitchen Aid

10. dust buster

11. Marvis toothpaste

12. Milk Delivery
(ok, so Winder Farms doesn't deliver in Texas...but this delivery service was a gift from my parents when we lived in Heber, UT...and it was the BEST thing ever. I've never forgotten it.

13. Glasses

14. My favorite magazine subscriptions

All dreamy stuff. But let's be honest. The money will most likely (re: definitely) end up in the savings account...perhaps for that down payment in October, or to replace all the appliances we got rid of when we moved. But maybe...just maybe I can find a way to get that Gym membership.

In other, way more exciting sister is here! Anna is going to be with us all summer! (working as Dave's office manager) It has already been almost a week, and the time has FLOWN by! Too much fun! We've hung at the pool, shopped at the mall, and watched movies while eating WAY too much candy! I really do realize how blessed we are to have her here. So fun to be "living together" again. Especially now that she is older. She was 13 when Dave and I married, so the last time we spent THIS much time together she liked The Little Mermaid and NSync (ok, maybe an exaggeration). It's all changed now. She is most certainly bestowing some of her coolness on me!


Court and Britt said...

I love all your ideas for spending your "FREE MONEY"!! Hey I might be able to help you out in the 24hour fitness membership category though. My mom is a personal trainer/class instructor there and she can get special membership rate for friends & family. So let me know if you want me to talk to her for you. I LOVE 24 hour fitness, it is so nice to get to work out and have a little "me" time. I just started going again after having the baby and I am LOVING it!!

Nicole said...

do the gym! do they offer babysitting for your kids? do it! :) and how awesome was the stimulus check?! :) it will be permanent, not getting a check every year, but it will be a permanent increase in our tax returns in the years to follow so you can expect about 1800 more next year. and there's talk (if this rebate check does what they want) of doing another one rebate check early next year. :) :) :) better start another list :P

dixonfamily said...

I love your list! You have great taste. It was fun to see the things that you "scheme" about. Good for you, going to the gym regularly. It is amazing how great you feel with consistent exercise. Your kids are cute as ever! I am so excited that we'll be within driving distance of each other. I already told Amy that now she has to come to Texas and we'll all get together. We'll be there in less than 2 weeks! Crazy. Glad you're doing well!

Holbrook's said...

You should totally get the membership! Margaret and I work out together and it is one of my favorite things!

Lisa said...

Good for you for going to the gym. I say do it- it's worth the money if it is making you feel so good!
So fun that Anna is living with you guys. I can't believe she is that old. The Anna I know is like 7 years old!
My mom looked at your blog (linked from mine) she told me to tell you how much she loved it and how articulate you are. She thinks you need to write children's books because you are such a good writer (and love the library!)

Maria said...

Ok so you totally know how I feel about the gym, it is SO worth it! It has completely changed my life. So I say you do it, but then again, I will have to reconsider my gym membership once we are official home owners because I'm sure there will be other things to pay for. But I am still all for the gym, and you totally deserve it!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the gym. I drop my kids off at the child watch and get a minute to myself and it feels soooo good to work out. BTW, have so much fun with Anna there. My sister Erin just moved here and it's been a blast!

Loni Stevens said...

Tara!!! I am so excited to find you on the web. :)

I ran across a photo of you, me and Laura when I stayed with you guys in 2001 (uhh, remember when I took that sleeping pill that did a total number on me!? lol); it made me miss you guys and wonder what you're all up to so I decided to google you... because that's what you do when you're missing a friend. ;) I can't believe I found you though. It makes me so happy. I'd love to play catch up and hear what you guys are up to. (I can't believe you have two kids-- your daughter looks just like you!)

I'd love to hear from you. Email me sometime! And tell David I said hello too-- I haven't seen him since I lived in KC, way back when. Makes me feel all nostalgic seeing photos of you guys.

Missy said...

Ok, you just added a bunch more things on my "want" list. I love all your ideas and think you should get yourself some of those things!

As always I love the photos of your kids:)

shakenbake said...

I’m always amazed everytime you have new pics up at how big they are both getting! If only I had the motivation for a gym! Glad to hear you guys are doing well!