Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Baseball Saturday

Saturday was exactly the kind of day that I didn't know I needed. We spent it at the baseball field watching BYU (namely, my brother) open their season with the University of Portland. What luck to live here and get to see it! GORGEOUS weather! We ate popcorn and pizza and soaked up the warm rays. I settled into my spot on the bleachers and remembered just how much of my life has been spent at baseball games. LOVE THEM! The crack of bats, cheering fans, and the smell of the field (weird I know...but I swear baseball fields have a smell), are all great cures for winter boredom. At the end of the day our hair was windblown, our faces a little sunburned, and our hands dirty. But it felt great! We also got to spend the evening with Kevin. We took him to a little Italian place, and hung out at our house before "curfew"! A PERFECT day!
I sort of needed one after the loooong week in Houston. I know that what sanity I did leave with was due to the help of my mom (thanks mom). So I am excited. I think I will really like Texas. I put together a little list of "Texas Tips" that I myself became aware of while visiting.
1. When ordering a "big n tasty" burger from McDonald's, call it the "Homestyle Burger"
and crispy chicken sandwich is called, "Southern Style"
2. All Baptist churches are the size of high schools and have a fleet of buses that will deliver people to God.
3. Law Enforcement personnel wear cowboy hats.
4. 75% of radio stations play country music. (even an "oldies" station for country music)
all joking is a beautiful place, and the people are so friendly and down to earth!
House hunting. I won't bore you with details, but suffice it to say that the experience can be exciting, scary, disappointing and fulfilling all at once. I thought I would be an "old pro" seeing as this will be our 2nd home purchase. nope. I have a lot to learn about Texas real estate.


Bailey Family said...

Back to the basics. Back to what you know. Back to family. That is why are here on this earth. Are you taking photography lessons in your "spare" time? Your pictures keep getting better. Keep up the good work. You have the artistic eye. Thanks for the inspiration.

*K*R*I*S*T*Y* said...

Glad you're back!You will love Texas, but not as much as they will love you, luckies!In Dallas atleast, every FWY has 2 names, which can be a litttle confusing :)You'll be sayin' y'all in no time!Great bball pictures, pretty positive Gavin will know every stat of the Cardinals before he knows the alphabet.

Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

What a great Saturday! I'm so glad you guys got to spend time with Kevin.

As for the house hunting ... I don't know if it ever gets easier! Good luck with the hunting and the move. I'm sending happy house hunting wishes your way.

Rapp Family said...

How fun to see your brother play in Portland! That is awesome. I'm jealous of that perfect sounding day. I'm so anxious to hear about Texas and the home you eventually purchase. Best of luck with all the details of moving. You guys deserve the best and I'm sure the Lord will provide a beautiful situation for you there in Texas.

Zach 'n' Jack said...

I'm glad you are back! Man, what a fun day for all of you - baseball is fun! Zach lived and breathed baseball until college, where he still played on the intramural teams until we moved here. I'm so glad you had a good time with him. Good luck with the Texas stuff...I'm so sad you are leaving!

Kristen M said...

Fun! watching siblings' sporting events is one of my favorite things to do! it's probably what i miss most about not being "home". good luck with all your house hunting and getting ready to move! we will definitely miss you guys.

Nicole said...

fun... i love house hunting! but only when i have a house, then the pressure isn't so bad. did you say you were moving to houston? do you remember my roommate kari urban, now kari shirtliff... she's in houston. (i can give you her info, she'd gladly help you in your neighborhood search) keep us posted on your house treasures!

Amy said...

Oh love. What a fun weekend and week. I will miss you like crazy. So we're not even going to talk about Texas today :( I love your "tips" though! Hilarious!

Missy said...

When do you move?? I'm so glad you guys had a great and sunny weekend. They rejuvinate you for the week ahead - my favorite.

Matt, Rachel, Madden and Halle said...

Good Luck with the move. You'll have a blast in Texas. I can't wait until the weather warms up and I can start taking Madden to baseball games. He watches them on tv and so badly wants to play with them. Your kids are simply adorable!