Monday, January 7, 2008

A Little More Myself

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Harlem Globetrotters Game (best part for kids: snow cones and cotton candy)
This is what I feel like after 20 days home with family....a little more myself...reminded if you will, of who I am. With all the extra hands, I found myself with lots more time. Time for a little self discovery, as follows:
1. I am Tara Painter and I was born in Missouri. This means that even though I haven't listened to country music for YEARS....a few weeks of CMT on the TV every morning will remind me that I know more about shooting guns, swimming in ponds and lakes, and getting into trouble "down by the river", and, "out in the field", than I care to admit. And that maybe I DO like that song about "check you for ticks" (OK, the last part is a lie)
2. I am Tara Painter and I like LOUD music. Perhaps the reminder came while driving my brother's car with the crazy sound system, and turning it up (because there were no kids in the car)... or it might have been the discovery of that box in the basement. I was elated to find my old college CD player while I was using the treadmill. I was so giddy plugging it in and watching the familiar lights and "hello" across the screen. "Well hello to you too!", I thought as I rocked out to music at my old favorite decibel! (apologies to family, former roommates and neighbors who had to endure the years of this bad habit...I am reformed...mostly)
3. I am Tara Painter and I have an AMAZING family. Immediate, In-Laws, Extended, most of them living in/around Kansas City. It was so awesome to be with them, catch up, spend time...together! People make jokes about not being able to choose your family, but that is precisely why I love it. Here we are, all these people with different personalities, goals, trials, priorities, ideas about life, coming together. And this is what makes my family great, everyone keeps trying, supporting, even through the rough patches. I think that is where the joy comes from...not in the perfection of it all, but in the attempt.


Nicole said...

cute! my highlight at sporting games is definitely the cotton candy and slushies too. :)

*K*R*I*S*T*Y* said...

oh Tara how I secretly find the same enjoyment in loud music...whenever I run errands in AJ's car by myself I turn up his bass and jam, then make sure I turn it back down to where it was when I return the car..eheheh..cute pictures!

K2 said...

Awesome! T you are so great and I am glad that I know you and you are my sisters best friend! Love ya!

The Rylanders said...

Isn't it great to have some help sometime? I'm glad you got some "free time" while you were with family!

shakenbake said...

Ah ha! I do the same thing if Brady isn't in the car, I take advantage and crank up the radio and it reminds me so much of college days. Sometimes I will forget to turn it down, so Nick and Brady and I get a surprise the next time we get in the car. Loved the Christmas pics by the way!

kat and jason said...

hey tara!!! i love that. glad you had a good visit--it's fun to go back to who we "use" to be. (i'm just really ready to move on) i'm more myself when i'm not around my family seems like. your kids are so cute---and i think ash has a similar pair of gold shoes like lily. so funny--just like that other shirt. we need to talk!! i leave in 1 week.

3 Raz kids said...

hey tara!
i love your family blog. cute kids! tell everyone hello! take care!