Sunday, December 2, 2007

First Snow

"LOOK Lily!" ...pointing to the snow
Kiddos had just climbed out of their beds, we grabbed them (still in pjs) and bundled them up to see the first snow flakes of the stickage!
He's a natural
She's too cute
"Seriously...the camera...AGAIN?"


Court and Britt said...

how fun!! still no snow in KC, my girls have been waiting:). Can't wait to see you when you are home for the holidays!!

Rapp Family said...

Very cute! Jonah gots tons of snow while we were in Montana, and he had a blast. Chris pulled him around on a sled. It was really cute. I can't believe how big Lilly looks. I just still remember so vividly that 5 pound baby you delivered not very long ago!

Tiffany said...

You always take such cute pictures. Have you taken photography classes?